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We are lucky enough to maintain daily correspondence with a number of dangerous men and women. Many of them are wretched minions beholden to the Mad Duo. Others are just badasses we know. Either way, they frequently relay little tips and ideas we never thought of—not perhaps enough for an article but worthy of further investigation. Check out our recurring series, Just the Tip. You’ll see this on Tuesdays, though probably not every Tuesday.


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Just the Tip: Understanding Ammunition

Just the Tip: Understanding Ammunition

Ammunition is packaged in a cartridge, which has four parts: the primer, propellant, case, and projectile (the bullet). A cartridge is often referred to as a ‘round.’ Shotgun cartridges can also be called ‘rounds,’ or ‘shells.’ They are called ‘shotshells’ when they contain pellets instead of a slug or other projectile — but regardless of what you call it, there’s no such thing as a magic bullet.

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