Heather Miller: THAT was the trigger

You may have heard names like Grace O’Malley, Scáthach of Skye, and Tomoe Gozen — but are you familiar with Heather Miller? If not, bring it in and take a knee. We’re gonna learn you up. It’ll be worth your time, promise. See, in an arena where terms like “female competition shooters”, “female 3 gun shooters”, and “professional female shooters” are most commonly used, we prefer to use champion shooters. Because, male, female, or helisexual, a badass shooter is a badass shooter regardless of the plumbing on board.

Just the Tip: Understanding Ammunition

Ammunition is packaged in a cartridge, which has four parts: the primer, propellant, case, and projectile (the bullet). A cartridge is often referred to as a ‘round.’ Shotgun cartridges can also be called ‘rounds,’ or ‘shells.’ They are called ‘shotshells’ when they contain pellets instead of a slug or other projectile — but regardless of what you call it, there’s no such thing as a magic bullet.

Technical Handgun: Tests and Standards [Citizens Defense Research]

Everyman Tactical Training: Technical Handgun Citizens Defense Research Training Training Organization: Citizens Defense Research Course: Technical Handgun: Tests and Standards Instructor: John Johnston Location: Johnston, Iowa Date: January 2019 Cost: $200 plus range fee – 1 Day class Round Count: 600 Instructor Background John Johnston holds several instructor certifications including Rangemaster Advanced Handgun, Vehicle Close Quarter Battle (VCQB), Close Quarter Battle (CQB), and more. He hosts the nationally syndicated Ballistic Radio show and is a product consultant for companies that specialize in self-defense. John is a strong advocate of critical thinking and challenging the status quo. As the co-owner and instructor of Citizens Defense Research, he is passionate about fostering curious students who ask questions. His desire is that they understand why certain tactics, techniques, and products may or may not be applicable. Reviewer Background: Joe Neuroth has worked in Federal Law Enforcement for the past 10 years. He has…

GGG Impact 24: a new EDC bag for pedaling and packing

The Impact 24 EDC bag (everyday carry backpack, actually) from Grey Ghost Gear hails from a company that makes tactical gear, but the pack first caught our eye because of its potential value to photographers. Manuel Gutierrez, GG’s main soulstealer, thought the same thing. He says, “Being able to stow a small drone (like a Mavic Pro) in the bottom pocket, so that larger and heavier camera equipment can go into the main compartment, along with dedicated pockets for all the batteries, memory cards, power cords, docks, and lenses. “It really makes remote sessions easier without having to lug multiple cases or bags out into the field.” The pack is designed with numerous load carriage and organizational subtleties, including the roomy bottom compartment and structured walls. GG says there is “…plenty of protection for a larger drone, camera equipment, or a change of clothes. What really stands out are the…

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