Stop Crying About Sore Thumbs, Get an XTech Speedmag

Loading too much ammo—wait, is that a thing? Are your thumbs sore—should you stop crying so much? Do you wish there was a way to load your ammo quickly, without making your thumbs hurt—have you ever heard of sucking it up? Just get an AR-15 XTech Speedmag already. Okay, I’ll stop. AR-15 Speedmag There have been plenty of days on the range where I wished I could load my magazines quickly, without having sore thumbs by the end of it—because the military’s cheap (what, no?!) and wouldn’t get us speedloaders…okay, one of my units got us speedloaders. Anyway, if you’re sending a lot of freedom downrange, you were probably also the one that had to load those freedom rounds. If you have an XTech Tactical Speedmag, a quick loading AR-15/M-4 magazine, then life is easy. Quick and Easy Load If you’re looking for easy—because who isn’t these days, probably what’s…

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