Vertx Backpack: Ready Pack 2.0

Vertx Ready Pack 2.0 and the Vertx Commuter
April 11, 2024  
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Since its establishment in 2009. Vertx has been incrementally building its brand specifically tailored to versatile and low-profile EDC carry options. Over the years, they have developed shirts, pants, and shorts with enhancements for on-body carry and several iterations of backpacks or travel bags tailored toward off-body carry and supplemental load-out options.

Vertx Ready Pack 2.0 packed for SHOT

Vertx Ready Pack and Commuter Sling Pack. (Photo/Jason Mosher)

Prior to SHOT Show 2024, our team received a variety of carry packs to help navigate the travel getting to and while at the show. The Ready Pack has a traditional “Bookbag” look on the outside and is more compartmentalized for those who prefer specific placement for specific items. The 20 L capacity breaks down to 19H x 11.5W x 7.5D dimensions.

One distinguishing feature of the Ready Pack is a dedicated CCW compartment measuring 16.5” x 11” x 2” between the back panel and the main carrying compartment. There is plenty of room for a full-sized pistol, extra magazines, and Med gear. As with all Vertx packs, the Ready Pack has VELCRO loop attachment panels throughout the compartments for you to customize for your load out.

Vertx Ready pack with Tacticami insert in main compartment

Photography/Shades of FDE

Not including the CCW compartment, there are four separate compartments, each stacked and sized down from larger to smaller. The large main compartment has VELCRO loop throughout and a laptop pocket. On the opposite side is a sizable zippered mesh pouch. Stepping out from there is a sleek and slender, longer zippered pouch with a laser cut MOLLE panel, and below that panel is a VELCRO loop panel for Tactigami accessories.

The lower third of the pack is the third compartment similar to the traditional “bookbag” accessories pouch. The back panel here is a full loop panel and could easily accommodate a subcompact pistol with magazines or whatever attachments you may need. Lastly, there is a smaller diagonal zippered cargo pouch for a cell phone or wallet-sized items.

Two stretch pockets with draw cords flank the lower exterior of the pack compatible with most water bottles. The pack straps and semi-rigid frame are 3D laser cut and lined with mesh for exceptional breathability.

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Here are some of the thoughts from our crew:

Bucky Lawson

suitcase, Vertx backpack, and MyMedic IFAK packed up in rear of vehicle, ready for SHOT Show

All packed up for SHOT.

SHOT Show reportedly has 14 miles worth of aisles in three huge exhibit halls and numerous smaller ones. I didn’t hit every aisle, but I’m pretty sure I did the entire distance at least twice in four days. My Vertx Ready Pack went along for every step.

I had reservations about carrying a backpack around all week. Last year, a small man purse, I mean a messenger bag, was all I needed. But I decided to try it for at least a day. That day turned into four. Five if you count Range Day.

The Ready Pack was up for the challenge. It was easily the most comfortable backpack I’ve ever used. The wide, well-padded shoulder straps never cut or pinched, and the weight was well distributed. Several times, I forgot the Ready Pack was there until I turned around and bumped into something. That also speaks well of the 3D molded foam back panel and the easily accessed waist and chest straps. I didn’t always use the waist straps, but they were nice when I did, holding the pack where I wanted it.

Author Bucky Lawson packing his Ready Pack

I loved the features, too, especially the large Rapid Access Pull Tab that eliminated grasping for zippers. I knew right where it was all the time. The Ready Pack had plenty of room for everything I needed, with more to spare. I was actually surprised at how much I got into the Ready Pack for the trip home.

Another surprise was something I saw on the Vertx website, but whose importance I discounted. The Ready Pack’s interior is a light gray, as opposed to the darker colors in my other packs. Vertx says it improves interior visibility. Okay, whatever. But it does! The difference is remarkable and made it so much easier to locate what I needed, whether it be loose pens, a snack, or whatever. I’m the least organized person I know, and even I can’t lose my stuff in the Ready Pack.

In all, I was delighted with my new Ready Pack. It has moved to the top of my pack heap thanks to its comfort, modularity, obvious quality, and downright handiness. It’s safe to say the Ready Pack will return to SHOT Show next year. But it will get plenty of use before then.

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Travis Pike had this to say:

Author Travis Pike packing his Vertx Ready Pack

That’s it. SHOT’s a wrap. After 35 miles of walking, I can finally let these feet rest. I can also type up my love for the Vertx Ready Pack. Before the show, I was looking for a new way to manage all the stuff I carry around the floor. You know, notebooks, water bottles, phone chargers, road beer, tactical snacks, and the like. I also tend to be sick of the tactical pack look. That’s when the Ready Pack came to the rescue.

While it doesn’t look tactical by any means, the Vertx Ready Pack packs a tactical punch in a low-profile footprint. The bag looks like your typical backpack. There are no MOLLE panels or tactical logos to ‘give’ you away. The common assumption of the tactical backpack crowd is that if the bag has MOLLE, the owner is packing heat. Is that accurate? I’m not sure, but I’ve gotten away from the tactical aesthetic as of late and would prefer something a bit calmer in design.

Some Vertx packs don’t include a laptop sleeve. But don’t worry, they’ve got you covered.
Laptop Sleeve accessory Laptop Sleeve accessory back

Stashing Gear

The Vertx Ready Pack is just a backpack that doesn’t even come in tactical colors like FDE! Mine is a simple dark green. Once you open the pack, you’re greeted by all the goodies that make a tactical backpack great. This includes five pockets of varying sizes.

Most of the pockets house a little surprise. For example, one has a laser-cut MOLLE inside of it. The main pocket packs a laptop sleeve, a mesh organizer, and a bit of loop material to stick accessories. A quasi-hidden pocket in the foremost reaches of the pack is designed to be low profile and to house a firearm and holster. It’s the CCW pocket, which is covered from top to bottom with loop material.

The Ready Pack is compatible with the various Vertx hook and loop attachments and even comes with one for greater organization. You can set this pack up for various configurations and a ton of different uses. The customization is quite impressive.

Open Ready Pack

Packing It Out

After carrying it for hour upon hour, I have a good idea of how it packs, which is surprisingly good. The rear portion is padded with some airflow channels to allow for breathability. The shoulder straps are thick and wide to accommodate a heavy load. The pack is complete with a chest and waist strap for those higher-intensity movements. It would work well as a light hiking pack for a short day hike.

The Vertx Ready Pack comes together to form a rock-solid, low-profile tactical pack. It’s perfect as a daily duty bag for the hiker, the urban settler, or for dudes like me that have dad duty and a ton of crap to carry. Check it out at

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Jason Mosher’s thoughts:

Author Jason Mosher with the Vertx Ready Pack 2.0

A good backpack is kind of a lifesaver when you need to carry a lot of gear or personal items with you. I prefer a pack that has lots of pockets and places for organization, and of course, it needs to be comfortable.

Vertx has been making great bags for a while, but their new Tactigami line of accessories for bags is a game-changer. Organizational pockets that Velcro to the inside of the bag allow you to customize the pack to fit your needs.

As I prepared for SHOT, the Ready Pack was the perfect size to carry all the gear I needed on me during the show. The main storage area has a soft compartment for a laptop with a large zipper pouch on the inside liner for cords and other items.

A second compartment is lined with felt, so you can place Vertx’s Tactigami accessories anywhere you desire. From small to large zipper pouches, pen holders, pockets, holsters, and more, they make it. Simply stick the Tactigami accessory wherever you want.

Jason Mosher wearing the Vertx Ready Pack.

Jason Mosher wearing the Vertx Ready Pack.

Need Compartments?

There are two more smaller compartments on the Ready Pack, one of which is also compatible with the Tactigami attachments. The last and smallest compartment is just large enough to hold a cell phone, wallet, hand sanitizer, and other small items.

If you are familiar with Vertx, you know there is still one more compartment. This would be the area behind the shoulder straps made for carrying a CCW gun, extra mag, knife, or another EDC item.

A large pull-tab on the zipper makes it easy and fast to open, which is a must-have for self-defense incidents. With several holster, magazine, or other attachments, you can customize this area however you want.

Vertx Ready Pack in Black.

Vertx Ready Pack in Black.

Other Features I Like About the Ready Pack

Other features that are great about the Ready Pack include the padded shoulder straps and extra thick padding on the back. Because of the unique design and thickness of the padding, air can travel between your back and the bag.

A front shoulder strap and belly band allow you to secure the bag to your body and distribute the weight from your shoulders. It has a carry handle on top but also a built-in handle on the top of the front pocket. Water bottle holders are located on both sides of the bag, making it easy to carry plenty of water.

A couple of additional features of the Ready Pack are an ambidextrous pass-through Comms/ Hydration out the top of the main compartment and ballistic panel compatibility for the CCW compartment. All in all, this is a more traditional-looking and extremely versatile pack for any ECD or everyday needs.

My first full day wearing this pack was in the desert, and strangely enough, it rained. While getting rained on in the desert was unexpected, my gear stayed dry. 

There isn’t a better way to test out a bag than walking the floors of SHOT for an entire week. I’ve used Vertx bags for years because of their great quality. But their new line of bags and accessories still surprised me. If you’re in the market for a new bag, don’t buy one until you check out what Vertx has to offer.

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