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The Breach Bang Clear Tribe has many members — and an unmatched breadth of knowledge and experience. It includes representatives of every branch of service and several LE agencies, civilian specialists of unique background, bouncers from Nancy’s Squat & Gobble, and OGA and PSC personnel. There are also some we’re not sure how to describe, a couple who have to remain anonymous because of their job, and a few from OCONUS places like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Israel, Rhodesia (when it was still Rhodesia), Russia, South Africa, and Spain. (Note: due to their professional billet or current assignment, some of our contributors* must perforce use a nom-de-plume or pseudonym.)

Execrable Minions

Among those who tell our tales — execrable Minions, abject regular staff writers, and the occasional wretched guest contributor. We also occasionally hear from our Minions Emeritus.

“They selected and summoned worthy men of talent, in order to prepare themselves for any contingency.” Wu Ch’i c. 400 B.C.

Grunts: perforce.

Once upon a time, writing for Breach-Bang-Clear was solely a labor of love. For that matter, it mostly still is. Minions back then were the folks who believed in the cause and worked to for no more than a common belief in the mission and ethos. And because the Mad Duo would flog them if they didn’t.

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Patched Minions

Aaron Cowan

Alexander Crown

John Darwin¹

Andrew Ha

Chris Hernandez

Ryan Houtekamer

Tim the Russian¹

Candice Horner (Minion Emeritus)

Bucky Lawson

Craig Metzger

Tom Marshall (Minion Emeritus)

Brian Montgomery

Peter Nealen

Joe Neuroth

Josh Orth

Freddy Osuna

David Reeder

Mike Searson

Jeremy Stafford

Matt Stagliano

Brad Walker

David Williams

Regular Staff Contributors

Daniel Barak¹

Stephanie Kimmell

Tamara Keel

Sara Liberte

Frankie McRae

Russell Phagan

Jared Ross¹

¹Grunts: Therianthrope [in the classic, ancient Greek θηρίον (thēríon, “wild beast”) and ἄνθρωπος (ánthrōpos, “man”) sense]



Minions Emeritus

A Minion Emeritus is someone (well, not just someone, but a Minion) who worked with us at one time but has since moved on to other endeavors, as you can read below by hitting the image of these stalwart former tribesmen.

Grunts: Emeritus

Dave “DFM” Merrill

Dave Fucking Merrill – Writer, Photographer, Lover of Tacos, Great Dad, Kind of a Dick Minion Emeritus Dave Merrill (DFM) wrote for Breach-Bang-Clear from late 2013 until early 2017, including a year as Managing Editor. He departed our ranks in May of 2017 to accept a well-deserved position as an editor for RECOIL Magazine. He is a combat veteran of the Marine Corps who describes himself as a “…former urban warfare and foreign weapons instructor for Coalition fighting men.”

The bit about loving tacos and being kind of a dick? Straight off his business cards.

You can find a lineup of all Dave Merrill’s Breach-Bang-Clear articles here, and you’d be well advised to do so. Lots of knowledge in his skull, and a wickedly humorous way of delivering it most times too.

He has great taste in hats.

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