About the Breach Bang Clear Tribe

The Breach-Bang-Clear tribe wants you to think, train and be dangerous. We want to educate, edify, and entertain you. So who is responsible for this elucidation?

(In case you were wondering just WTF was going on here, why there are 1/6 scale action figures running things, and why contributors are sometimes called “Minions”.)

Some info on the senior editors: the Mad Duo.

Tactical Tailor - now a part of the Gear Whore Club benefits to VIP Membership at Nancy's Squat & Gobble.

Our Classified, Double Top Secret, Eyes-Only, NOFORN/NOHIPPIE discussion group.

The Minions — what’s it mean to be “patched in?

(Grunts and otherknuckle draggers: elucidate.)