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| February 27, 2018
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JTT | NODs Go Bag

Alexander Crown

Night vision is becoming increasingly popular, and rightfully so. The capabilities that seeing in the dark grant us are invaluable. From ordinary citizen just checking their property at night to the cop searching the woods for a bad guy, night observation devices (NODs) are a force multiplier.

In an ongoing effort to maintain both readiness and organization, we saw fit to build a small NODs go bag. The purpose is to have everything needed to employ NODs and a weapon efficiently, given that the weapon is where it should be, on your person.

The Bag

The bag is the obvious starting point for this exercise. A quick trip to Amazon and an inexpensive padded black camera case fit the bill. We could have gone for a more tactical approach, but to keep a lower profile if this is left in a vehicle a small case works well. This bag has significant protection and small compartments for various accouterments.

Small compartments for various accouterments

Inexpensive padded black camera case

The Night Vision

The variety of night vision on the market is staggering nowadays. To keep it simple we chose a standard PVS-14 monocular. The PVS-14 is powered by two double A batteries, and also has a lanyard feature with an added zip tie for a larger tie down point. The PVS-14 is fairly lightweight and can be mounted in a variety of ways.

Head Mounted

The Crye Precision nightcap may not be the most comfortable or sexiest way to wear night vision, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t wad up into a compact package. Ideally one would have a comfortable bump helmet or similar, but since space was limited a helmet was out. The nightcap is adorned with the Wilcox L4 three-hole shroud and the standard Norotos Rhino mount. Lastly, a standard J-Arm mates it all together. Again, be sure and tie down your NODs. There are few things worse than running around, having your night vision fall off and kicking it into the darkness.


Since many of us don’t EDC a pistol with a light on it, let alone a light with Infrared (IR) capabilities, a Surefire X300V is kept in the bag. This light allows the user to select between White light, OFF, and IR. It mounts and functions like a standard X300U-B.

Surefire X300V mounts and functions like a standard X300U-B

Surefire X300V

The Weapon

This kit is really meant to supplement a pistol, specifically a pistol with a red dot. The red dot is easy to see under night vision and doesn’t require zeroing a laser. If a rifle will be used, be sure to have an IR laser/illuminator properly mounted and zeroed.


Night vision, lasers, and flashlights all run on batteries, so be sure to include a few of each type in your bag. You may also consider other types of IFF (Identify Friendly or Foe) markers. IR chemlights can always come in handy when clearing areas. Because your EDC may not include a light, think about keeping a light-compatible holster in your bag as well. The Crye Precision Gunclip (mentioned here) can be a good choice.

Night vision, lasers, and flashlights all run on batteries so be sure to include a few of each type in your bag

Extras that should go in the bag

Night vision is a force multiplier and generally gives you an appreciable edge over your enemy. If you don’t find yourself facing off with bad guys but still enjoy pest eradication at night, or just feel like seeing in the dark while camping with your family, night vision can be a great deal of fun. Keeping everything in one place will save you the headache of getting out there and not having the right equipment.


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