Traveling Armed Part 4: Unarmed

June 2, 2016  
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Continued from Part 1 (Know the Law), Part 2 (Airplanes), and Part 3 (Complacency Kills).

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Traveling Armed – Part 4

Brian Montgomery

Carry your gun. Carry it wherever and whenever you can. Also carry a re-load, back-up, flashlight and communication device. Yeah, I know, everyone carries a cell phone, but do you routinely carry a secondary power source? Oh, and make sure you know the law of the land…when you land.

I know I’m mostly preaching to the choir. I also know I travel to – or at least through – the occasional non-permissive environment (like Maryland or New Jersey, where you just can’t or shouldn’t carry a concealed firearm). Or perhaps you know you are going to be engaging in activities that preclude you from carrying: imbibing alcohol, working out, going to the beach, etc. – you get the idea.

(Grunts: imbibing).

When I can’t carry a gun, I at least carry a knife…and once in a while, I’ll carry a can of pepper spray. Recently, I found a great little backup weapon from ASP: a 12” collapsible baton. Lethal? Nope. But it fits in my shaving kit for travel and fits even better inside the waistband for concealed carry. Is easy to carry in running shorts and has a handy clip. It is just longer than the width of my hand, has three segments (similar to standard sized batons), but is much lighter and very easy to conceal.

All of the above-mentioned tools are really about the projection of power, as well as the ability to carry them comfortably concealed (without the use of a “sock holster”, of course). Will a 12” baton really deliver a devastating blow? Possibly not, but it will work better than a focused blow, palm-heel strike or garden variety “haymaker”. And I really like having another use-of-force option to complement my typical EDC setup.

I’ve been toting this little dude around for a few weeks, and I really do like it. One of my kids immediately recognized it and said, “Hey, a baby-whacky stick!” Which is precisely what it is.

Gear for traveling unarmed part 1. Gear for traveling unarmed part 2.

Barring the ability to carry something that goes bang with which to dissuade mopes, assholes and cannibal clowns, this baton is a great option. Another is the JPX Pepper Gun (which Trek and Reeder call the “2 Ball Blaster”). I’ve heard rumors some people will carry a cue ball and a spare pair of socks in their carry-on — this is obviously not optimal for carry at your destination but it could come in handy on the plane if Abu Din Goat Fawkah tries something nasty.

US Palm banner

What do you carry when you’re forced to travel to such unconstitutional locations as DC, Maryland and California? Let us know in the comments eh?

Be safe, stay dangerous.


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A former copper from the Pacific Northwest, Brian “Breach Bang Brian” Montgomery somehow resembles the unlikely bastard child of Sgt. Phil Esterhaus and Ulysses Everett McGill. Despite all probability and predictions to the contrary, the man loves a good bowl of grits. Like all good metrotacticals, Breach-Bang-Brian would rather buy his ammunition from Morris & Sons and pay eleventy times the non-retarded price there than shop at Wal-Mart or any other plebian retailer for bullets. We accept this because we expect him to maintain certain appearances and standards. Despite his Tier One sartorial genius and apoplectic response to jean shorts, Brian Montgomery is the sort of hair-product-using fellow who is nonetheless welcome in the company of skilled face-shooters and other assorted knuckle-draggers. A child of the 80s, Montgomery was a LEO for two decades who secretly yearns for the return of parachute pans and pegged jeans. As a LEO he worked everything from counter-narcotics to gang enforcement, probation & parole and of course patrol. He was (and still is) a firearms instructor and skilled interrogator with an uncanny ability to suborn intel from even the most recalcitrant tweakers, homicide suspects and other savory types. He’s had a long love affair with knives, beginning when he was just a lad working for Al Mar in a town we can’t pronounce in Oregon and he’s been decorated departmentally for valor. Yes, in case you have to ask: Breach-Bang-Brian is a Dapper Dan Man.

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  1. WillJC

    When I fly with just a carry on, I carry a pair of heavy metal carabiners in one of my bags through airport security and then discreetly attach one to each side of my pants on the belt loops after I’m through. They are both large enough to fit my whole hand through.

  2. Hammerhead

    Nice pig sticker…what kind of knife is that?

  3. John Parmerton

    Having actually been stopped by the Maryland State Police and had my vehicle searched for a firearm because I have an ‘NRA Business Alliance’ sticker in the windshield, I can say it’s not fun watching the contents of your car trashed on the side of Interstate 95. Just the fact that I had a dozen ballistic vests and rifle plates that I was taking to H.P. White Labs in Street Maryland for NIJ ‘o6 Ballistic Testing threw up a whole bunch of red flags with the Staties. 3 Troopers, a Supervisor and a Lieutenant later, was I permitted to reload my Chevy HHR and continue my travels. The reason for the V&T Stop? My NRA Sticker. They thought I had a gun in the car and I have NYS Plates. They actually suggested that I was gonna sell the gear on the streets of Baltimore. Now when I travel through such restrictive states, I wear pre-soiled Fruit-of-the-Loom’s instead of producing them organically on the spot.

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