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Everyone knows that the more different shades of FDE on a blaster, the more I like it. That’s my preference because it breaks up the outline of the weapon, makes it unique and adds character. There are many out who don’t feel the same way and are very vocal about it. The most common question I get is: Why can’t FN make the SCAR all in one shade of FDE?!

The answer is that every part of the SCAR is made up of different materials and each goes through a different finishing process. The aluminum upper is tan anodized or tanodized, the lower is a polymer and so is the stock; this makes every FDE SCAR almost unique to themselves.

So, if you must have just the one shade of FDE or any color for that matter, you’re going to have to get your weapon system cerakoted. Here’s a pro tip that I learned myself recently while working on my FDE AR Pistol Project. The guys at Rifle Supply, a nice local gun store in Huntington Beach, CA are helping me with my build and did the Cerakote on my lower and upper.

I had them Cerakote the lower first in Magpul Flat Dark Earth. Justin Baca of Rifle Supply asked if I wanted to wait for me to get all the parts together and have them Cerakote it all at once because they wouldn’t be able to guarantee that everything will match up. He explained that there are a ton of factors that will affect the final outcome of each job. The temperature of the room, the moisture in the air, the exact baking time and temperature will all have an effect on the end result.

Photo courtesy of Justin Baca

It didn’t bother me to have more shades because I prefer it that way. The lower came out great. A few weeks later, I brought in the upper to get Cerakoted in the same color. The result was also great and when you put the two together, even though they are the same color, there is a slight difference in shades between the two.

It’s hard to tell from a photo but the upper is slightly lighter than the lower. I like it that way!

If you’re in the middle of a build and your goal is come out with a single color with no variations, get all of your parts together and then take it to the shop to get it Cerakoted.

My build is still ongoing so standby for that.

I want to thank all the guys at Rifle Supply for their help. They are a full-service FFL gun store and also have an online shop.

They do laser engraving and are provide gunsmithing services.

If you’re local to SoCal, stop by and you’ll have friendly and knowledgeable staff there to help you with your 2A needs.

Rifle Supply
16371 Gothard St Unit G, Huntington Beach, CA 92647.

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