JTT I Equipment Inspection (a Roadside Lesson)

| December 12, 2017
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Brought to you today by the baller badassery of Ballistic Advantage.

Inspection and inventory of your kit — it’s often done before going to the range, and even more often before stepping off on a patrol or a convoy. But do you inspect and inventory your non-firearms related gear? Not just the cool-guy #EDC you #postabout on #instagramz, but other stuff as well, including vehicles? Many of us don’t (we’re guilty here at Breach-Bang-Clear HQ as well). Here’s some advice for ya, courtesy of Erik “Trek” Utrecht of MDFI, and it applies to your everyday blaster and truck gun/trunk gun as much as it does to the condoms you use and the vehicle you drive.

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Be safe. Stay dangerous. Engage your brain.

Mad Duo

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Here’s something to think about if you spend more than a couple hundred bucks a year on guns, parts, and ammo:
Big Daddy Unlimited Gun Buyers Club

$9.95/mo., no additional fees, buy your blasters and bullets at dealer cost.

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