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This is a series for those who appreciate not just a good AK 47, but anything that’s Kalashnikov related: AK 74, AK 12, AK training…you get the point.

Kalashnikov AK 47

Avtomat Kalashnikova

AKs are a uniquely Russian family of weapons. When we think of Russians, we think of vodka. Thus Vodka Blasters is a collection of all our Kalash related material. Not just the ubiquitous AK47, but the AK74, the AK-pistol, and pretty much anything inspired by Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Kalash articles: take me to all of them.

Some example topics include:

AKs and other Kalashnikovs - all the Vodka Blasters

да товарищ калашников это хорошо!

Mikhail Kalashnikov

Kalashnikov (11-10-19 to 12-23-13) is the father of the Avtomat Kalashnikova weapon platform. He was born and died on a Monday.

Hence the name of the social posts we sometimes make, Mikhail Monday

Mikhail Kalshnikov monument in Russia

A statue of Russia’s most famous inventor; a monument in Moscow was built in his honor.


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Red Oktober Begins This Morning – Ура!

Red Oktober Begins This Morning – Ура!

The Rifle Dynamics Red Oktober match begins on a wet, gray morning in a rock-strewn, dusty locale... That seems a little apropos, though perhaps not the best conditions for participants and competitors. Thanks to Sinistral Rifleman, we'll be covering it. Красный...

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A Treatise on AK-74 Mods | JTT

A Treatise on AK-74 Mods | JTT

The life cycle of AK 74 variants here in the US might be called a comedy of errors. This article has a number of things to update your vodka blaster, whether it’s a Petronov model AK 74 or a different version. It’s fun to play rifle dress-up.

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