Red Oktober THIS October – 2018 at SUPSR

red oktober
| May 22, 2018
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Registration is open for his year’s Rifle Dynamics Red Oktober Kalashnikov Championships at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range. This is a great facility in a gorgeous area, and a great opportunity to run the “ComBloc” gun under stressful but enjoyable conditions.

God willing and the Creek don’t rise, we’re gonna have one of our guys there at the match this year, both to cover it and to compete (that would be you, Phagan, if you weren’t already aware). We’re looking to actually build him a competition gun this year; hopefully, he’ll be able to give it a little “flavor”, just as he did the Doom Rifle 3-Gun Collection and the Gila Monster (which you’ll be reading about soon). That said, Russell likes wood (*snicker*) so we may do some sort of iconic classic with all wood furniture. Haven’t decided yet. If that does happen, we’ll cover the build from front to back, so if you have a suggestion for a part, let us know.

Here’s a shot of his gear from last year. A video of the match is below.

“My shooting was good, crawling under walls not so much. My rear plate caught 2 of the walls pulling them over adding +30 seconds in penalties. This cost me first Armored/4th over all.” That’s a borrowed AK74, Ferro Concepts Slickster plate carrier, and United Armory steel plates.

Now, here’s the Russell 5000SR talking you through the match.


Although our laconic friend might sound dispassionate at times (resistance is futile), he knows his stuff and is a great competitor. Not because he usually places well, but because he’s very thorough at analyzing his matches and gear — and perfectly happy to share what he knows. That’s why we think you’ll find it worth your time to watch the competition videos on his site.

Check out his article You Should Be Shooting Two-Gun. He makes some great points, and a lot of ’em could be just as easily applied in some way to lots of different types of competitions. Then go read Personal Equipment as a Total System. You’ll get sumthin’ out of it, promise.

The link to register again, right here:

Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range is located just a few miles NE of St. George, UT near the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area and Zion National Park. It’s a couple hour drive from Las Vegas, four from Salt Lake City, around six to six and a half hours out of both LA and Phoenix, nine from Denver, and a convenient 51 from Kegashka.

Here’s your exit from Veteran’s Highway if you’re headed thataway from St. George.

The match will be Oktober 6th and 7th of this year — see you there maybe?

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