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| April 2, 2018
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Sinistral Rifleman won a Shield CQS a while back and decided to build a whole gun around it. If you enjoy themed guns, we think you’re gonna love the DOOM 3-Gun Collection, designed as an homage to the video game: a Remington 870, a Glock, and an AR15, all highly modified – we do love us a well thought out Frankengun!

3 Gun Matches or Demonic Forces From Hell – Here’s Your Loadout

Science fiction movies and games influenced my interest in firearms just as much as shooting with my father or uncle did. I played Wolfenstein briefly, but DOOM and DOOM II were real timesinks for me throughout my adolescence. The thrill of running and gunning in these games would later transition to action shooting sports for me.

Everyone has been doing Star Wars-themed guns since the new movies have come out. The release of the reimagined DOOM in 2016 inspired me to ask my friends at We Plead the 2nd to Cerakote a set of guns for me with the visual aesthetic from the armor and weapons of the DOOM Slayer.


This build, which as you’ll see below has been performing superbly at various competitions, began with a Shield Sight won by Russell Phagan (also knows as Sinistral Rifleman, and a longtime member of our Tribe). He won the optic at the SMM 3 Gun in March of 2017 and thought…I should build a gun around this.

Shottie of DOOM.

Not quite the BFG 9000, but close enough for public service work!

The Doom 3 Gun Collection - an homage to the video game by Sinistral Rifleman

The Doom 3 Gun Collection – an homage to the video game by Sinistral Rifleman.

The Remington 870 has long been my pump gun of choice. I won this particular shotgun at the Superstition Mystery Mountain 3 Gun Match. It came with a pistol grip only, no buttstock. I replaced the pistol grip with a Mesa Tactical Urbino stock at the earliest opportunity. I like the 12.5” Length of pull, and Limb Saver recoil pad. The Magpul forend is an improvement over the OEM unit in feel and aesthetics.

The DOOM Collection from 3-Gun competitor Russell Phagan, AKA Sinistral Rifleman

Out on the range practicing for the Intergalactic Multigun Regionals on Phobos.

Using a dot on a shotgun is like cheating, which is why I installed an Aimpoint Micro in KE Arms Mount. The receiver has to be drilled and tapped for installation of the mount, which is a pretty simple, basic gunsmithing operation. The cheek piece on the Urbino makes my eye fall naturally behind the Aimpoint Micro. I zeroed the Aimpoint at 50 yards with Fiocchi low recoil slugs.

Other folks building something like this might take a look at Remington’s M870 Detachable Mags, if that suited the “look” of their blaster, and if the intention is to build a themed fighting gun, take a look at SureFire’s Shotgun Weaponlights.

Note – be very careful of a themed fighting gun if you’re going to use it specifically for home defense. Like it or not, in today’s litigious society you don’t want to chastise some Mancubus-mask wearing would-be ass rapist in your house with a blaster that says I can’t wait for my first confirmed kill! engraved down the side.

Grunts: litigious.

A Mars-Worthy Handgun.

The Doom 3 Gun Collection - an homage to the video game by Sinistral Rifleman

Hit the pistol to see it in action. 

The frame is a PD trade-in that had been completely stripped down. It has “666” in the serial number, making it particularly appropriate for a DOOM-themed project. The frame was reworked by We Plead the 2nd (@wepleadthe2nd). The finger grooves were removed, the trigger guard undercut, and the grip stippled. The trigger is a KE Arms Flat Carry model with an OEM connector. The KE Arms carry magwell helps reduce the fumble factor with reloads.

The slide is the KE34 Charlie model, G34-length without the cutout of the OEM slide, and cut to accept a Leupold Deltapoint Pro. The barrel is OEM with a KE guide rod and ISMI 17# spring. The DPP is my red dot of choice for pistol slides due to its durability and ease of changing batteries [and running a handgun with a red dot is without a doubt the way to go]. The DPP is backed up with irons consisting of Leupold’s rear sight module for the DPP and a Dawson Precision .425” Height Front Post. I zero slide mounted DPPs at 15 yards.

Soul Harvest long gun. The DOOM Collection rifle.

The Doom 3 Gun Collection - an homage to the video game by Sinistral Rifleman

The rifle is a KE Arms KE-15 Patrol Level 2. The lower is forged with the new SLT-1 Sear Link Technology Trigger and Ambi 45 degree selector (note on trigger, SLT-2 now available, but not currently installed). I had the lower custom marked with my LLC’s EIN as the serial number, which also coincidentally has “666” in it to keep with the DOOM theme. I think the X-Tech Grip and MFT stock add to the futuristic aesthetic. The upper is also forged and hardcoat anodized. The barrel is a 16” lightweight Ballistic Advantage paired with a Young Manufacturing bolt. The handguard is a 15” seven-sided MLOK, which I used to mount a Magpul sling attachment point and a rail on the bottom for a bipod.

The Doom 3 Gun Collection - an homage to the video game by Sinistral Rifleman

The optic is that Shield Sights CQS I won at the SMM3G match (remember, this is actually what started this whole build). It’s very lightweight at 2.3oz and runs on a CR2032 battery with a published run time of one year. Spacers are included to have it sit at a variety of heights. An interesting feature is that the dot auto adjusts brightness with a sensor in the front of the sight. I did find this to be too bright, making the dot appear too large on longer-range targets in the AZ sun, unless I partially covered the sensor with the built-in slider or a piece of tape. The Griffin Armament M2 BUIS do cowitness through the Shield CQS. I zeroed both the dot and the irons at 50 yards.

Gear Worthy of the Praetor Suit.

DOOM Collection Holster and Mag Pouches:

The Doom 3 Gun Collection - an homage to the video game by Sinistral Rifleman

We Plead the 2nd also made a matching set of Kydex for me in “Infantry Green Distressed” to go with the guns. The holster is the “Chuckwalla” designed with my input to fully protect a pistol optic in action shooting matches.

The pistol mag pouch attaches via standard belt loops and has adjustable tension. The rifle mag pouches attach with Tek Loks and also have adjustable tension.

Death Match.

Er, 3-gunning.

While I built these guns to be showpieces more than as a true competitive set, I did want to use them as a set at least once at a 3-Gun Match.

I was amazed I was able to win my division with a seven-shot pump shotgun against nine-round+ autoloaders. I’m still using the rifle and pistol at local 2 Gun Matches as a set. The shotgun is largely going to stay in the safe outside of special events I think are suited for it.

[Note: you should be two-gunning too.]

Russell Phagan Doom Collection In Use -4

The DOOM Collection from 3-Gun competitor Russell Phagan, AKA Sinistral Rifleman

The Doom Collection by Russell Phagan in use at a 3-Gun Match

If you have any ideas on expanding the DOOM Collection, or someone else’s guns that might be worth feature, hit us with an e-mail ([email protected]) or let us know in the comments!



The guns in the DOOM 3-Gun Collection are definitely worthy of a nice rack — and contribute to one as well.

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