WTFO? Chiappa Firearms Triple Barrel

Yeah, we’re gonna need one of these. Maybe two. Say what you want about a double barrel, it will never be as cool as a triple barrel (which itself is only 75% as awesome as a quadruple barrel).

This is the Chiappa Triple Threat.


Many of you may be familiar with the Chiappa Rhino, but what do you know about the manufacturer?

Here’s their background:

Chiappa Firearm Company is was started by Ezechiele Chiappa. To keep this simple, thankfully, he preferred going by Oscar, so that is how we will refer to him from now on. In the early 1950s Oscar started in his career with Tanfoglio as a production line worker. But within four years at the ripe old age of 22 he was promoted to manager of all production which at that time was revolvers for the most part.

In 1958 the owner of Tanfoglio became ill and abruptly passed away and his wife decided to sell the company. As can happen with such things after the sale Oscar was removed from his management position so he decide to resign and move on. However, his life-long love of firearms and their use in sporting activities along with his machining expertise kept him in the industry and he formed his own company to do subcontract work for other companies. Eventually this new business lead to more production and at 29 Oscar founded his own company, Armi Sport.

Custom Mag Plates (One Ass to Risk)

Bastion, a custom magazine floor plate, and accessory laser-etch company is offering a special on their 1/* (or other) Glock magazine and slide cover rail plates ($30/set). Check them out online ( http://www.magplates.com/ ) or contact them at info(at)magplates.com. Get a set they carry in stock or have them do your own emblem/logo/sigil. Get some dragging knuckles for the grunt in your life, or a squid with the phrase WE DO NOT SEW.   Mad Duo Clear      

New MOLLEminus Kit Available from BFG

Thought we’d get your attention. That was Brianna Womick, modeling a Blue Force Gear RACKminus, the LBE that started it all. Now you can get the SPLITminus. To the point: We’ve told you about our dear, dear Blue Force Brittney before (we do really like her, though sometimes the way she stalks us can be unnerving), who handles the media for BFG when she’s not outshooting all the boys on the range. Anyway, she e-mailed us earlier to advise that the new SPLITminus Chest Rig is finally available. The SPLITminus is similar to the RACKminus (which is good kit, though we don’t like the boob connotations in the name). It uses the same minimalist MOLLEminus features but has a pair of buckles in the front instead of a solid MOLLE platform, allowing you to bail out of your gear (to shuck it in time for a ’96 or go prone)…

WTAF: A REAL Precision Guided Sniper System?

The Austin based firm Tracking Point is advising they have developed the first functional 'precision guided firearm'. Specifically, a sniper rifle. Using technology similar in function to guided missile systems from fighter aircraft, Tracking Point advises that anyone can now perform long range ballistic surgery with "Tag-Track-Exact" technology. Unless the whole thing is a well-planned long term April Fool's joke, this could be interesting indeed.         Mad Duo Clear! About the Authors: Richard “Swingin’ Dick” Kilgore and Jake “Slim” Call are the HMFICs at Breach-Bang-Clear (breachbangclear.com). They write for current and former military, LEOs, contractors and trained and educated responsible armed citizens. They are the most door-kickingest, trigger-pullingest action figures in the tactical operator tactically operational world. Subscribe to them and stay informed about TTPs, new kit, and latest in what’s stoopid (and occasionally inspiring) in the military and modern society or check them out on Facebook.

India HANGS Mumbai Attacker

This is what we like to see. Remember the coordinated terrorist attacks on Mumbai four years ago? (You should be – that's one of the things we should be concerned about here…if not a Beslan…or coinciding with a Beslan.) The only survivor was Mohammad Ajmal Kasab, and Indian President Pranab Mukherjee has rejected his mercy plea. Looks like India finished things up and executed him. BY HANGING HIM. They put a rope around his neck. This will probably do nothing whatsoever to diminish the murderous and twisted zeal of the assholes that think like him, but it is no doubt cathartic for the people of Mumbai (and justly deserved). Kasab was a member of Lashkar-e-Taiba. The attacks killed 166 people and effectively shut down Mumbai for over four days. Oh, and yes, we watch Al Jazeera English. If you're not sourcing information from multiple sources, you're not doing a very…

TAD Gear's Patrick Ma

Patrick Ma: the Force Behind Triple Aught Design We love us some TAD Gear, though not as often as we would if we didn't spend so much money on single dancing moms and Ramen noodles. Patrick Ma is someone we'd like to meet and interview someday. Says Ma: "I spent most of my childhood in the outdoors so I thought about jackets and field tools a fair amount – what I wanted to keep me warm, dry and yet vent well when I was slogging it through the snow or splitting firewood, and what tools to have with me in the event I got lost in the woods. I would say one of the “first” pieces I ever designed that could qualify as a “technical drawing” was a jacket that used something like a water resistant Cordura for the shell, when I was 16. Also, since getting lost in the…

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