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Pocket knives (and for that matter fixed blade knives) can be a weapon, a tool, or a work of art. Sometimes you get two outta three, sometimes all three. It should be no surprise that we review, write about, and occasionally drool over a wide variety of knives here at Breach-Bang-Clear.

We have them divvied up by type, mostly, though we must admit to a certain level of grabasstic inconsistency.

Sorry, not sorry.

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In addition to function (which obviously is a subjective classification), we also have many categorized by form.

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You can find knives about fixed blade knives, by the way, here:

Fixed Blade Knives

The RU Tutley Shiv | MNKF

The RU Tutley Shiv | MNKF

I’d been looking for a boot-knife. I wound up getting a shiv fashioned from an old saw blade by Ru Titley about a year ago. The blade is 3.5mm high carbon saw blade steel with a handle wrapped in Technora cord.

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Rey’s Bros Blades | MNKF

Rey’s Bros Blades | MNKF

Rey's Bros Blades — you are going to be very happy you read this installment of Monday Night Knife Fights! There are vast numbers of people wanting to be "instafamous" in the tactical world....

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