Masters of Edge and their knife designs

Custom knife makers are some of the artisans we most admire. Craftsmanship and character feature prominently into this, as does the peculiar, welcoming natures of the knife community they serve. Happily we are blessed to know many of them.





Custom Knives

Although there are many very well done production knives out there, they rarely have the same appeal as a bespoke, custom knife. That is of course thanks mostly to the talent of the men and women who make them.

Below are some of the articles we’ve written and interviews we’ve conducted with custom knife makers.

This is a work in progress! We have a decade of articles to go back and list here, so please check back.


Now, to the edge!

Bill Coye of Coye Knives in his shop
Bill Coye of Coye Knives in his shop; Coye isn't just a great custom knifemaker, he's an outstanding human being.

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