A Handmade Chef’s Knife from Britt Barnes Knives

September 28, 2021  
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A few weeks ago, I saw a post about a custom chef’s knife on a Facebook page called “Grilling with my homies.” As an amateur chef, I have aspired to have a custom knife – notably a proper handmade chef knife – for quite some time. So I reached out to Britt Barnes Knives to amend that.

Handmade chef knife by Britt Barnes

This was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had that relates to my kitchen.

As I started asking questions about his knives, he informed me they were hand forged from steel stock. Britt also explained that there would be many choices, such as size, shape, handle material, etc. All to help determine what kind of knife I needed.

Handmade chef knife by Britt Barnes

Getting to know Britt Barnes

We got to talking and realized we had much in common. Both of us were committed to a lifetime of protecting, he as a Border Patrol and ICE Agent and me as an NYPD Bomb Tech. Later we spoke of September 11th and our world since. But, we left off that we would stay in touch.

Handmade chef knife by Britt Barnes

He later reached out and said he had availability for me to come out to Tennessee and participate/observe the entire fabrication process. So naturally, I jumped at the chance to do so. 

Handmade chef knife by Britt Barnes

I watched/observed, and assisted in the fabrication of a knife for my wife and I. What we created are amazing “one-off” original chef knives.

We hit it off personality-wise and had countless laughs at each other’s funny stories of Law Enforcement over our careers. 

This is so much more than a knife; they are family heirlooms that we will pass down to our daughter.

If anyone is looking to support a LE-owned small business and is an avid cook or into personal protection-edged weapons, look no further than Britt Barnes Knives in Newport, Tennessee.
Please go check out their website: http://www.brittbarnesknives.com/

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    I love the shape and the colour of the knife

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