Nerd ALCON: Battlefield Hardline has arrived

Greg Wong, our token Asian team member, is not only into airsoft and tentacle porn but also video games. We hope that one day this Army veteran of the 82nd Airborne will discover the whimsical wonders of whiskey, titties, and fast cars but until then let’s just allow him to get his nerd on for a minute. Mad Duo


Battlefield Hardline has Arrived

by Greg Wong

A team of criminals has just broken into the vault the National Bank of Los Angeles. The loot is secured and a charge is placed at the rear of the vault. Everyone is quiet as the charge beeps before it goes off. A few more seconds and they’ll have a clear route to the extraction site where a helicopter will rendezvous with them to secure the package.

A flash of light and the roar of explosives rock the vault, peppering them with debris. As the dust settles they see a clear path to freedom out the back of the bank. The man with the money runs through first, the rest follow close behind. They run through the breach into a lobby, only to find CS gas, riot shields, and a heavy contingent of cops set up for an epic ambush. Within seconds the crew is decimated under a hail of gunfire.

One of the crew is able to get an frag grenade into the midst of the blocking force. Several cops fall, and the few remaining crew fight toward the extraction. From every angle, behind every car, cops open up. Only two criminals are left to push towards the objective. A helicopter swoops over the street to secure the package. A crack splits the air as a .338 impacts drops the lead criminal. Only the one crew member with the bag of loot remains. Feet away from the extraction, a cop with a T62 Taser hits the criminal from his flank. The loot is secured.

This is Battlefield Hardline.

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If you’ve been out of touch with the gaming world you should know that several high profile first person shooters are in development, to be released soon. One is Battlefield Hardline. The Battlefield series primarily focuses on 64 player warfare, featuring some of the latest weapons and technology. The series has several developers, including Visceral, who has decided to break the mold and offer a new flavor of Battlefield.

Taking inspiration from other Cops-and-Robbers themed games as well as movies like Heat, Battlefield Hardline hopes to bring fast and intense multiplayer action on foot, behind the wheel, and on the water. The open beta launches for ALL platforms this week, so players can get a feel for what the game will be when it releases. This also gives developers a chance to tidy up the game and make sure every bit of code gets the attention it needs before ship day.

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I recently went to EA for 2 separate events in which we tested several game modes, maps, and guns. The developers got strong feedback on all areas of the game, and by the time the second play test came around (right after SHOT Show) it was easy to see it shaping up. The bugs in earlier builds of the game were gone. Weapon handling and class balance was much tighter. It was quite the privilege to test the game before the beta and give the multiplayer design team solid feedback on what to improve.

Knife hand the world - join us on our mission

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If you’re the gaming type, give Battlefield Hardline some trigger time and download the beta today. Between the epic car chases, epic heists, and conquest of city streets you will find some of the best heart-pumping action available. The beta is available on all platforms.

Videos of the game (and gamers) in action:

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang & CLEAR!

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About the author: Greg Wong is a former 80-deuce paratrooper (1st Bde; C Co., 1st BSTB to be specific) who later served with the 78th Signal Bn in Japan before going on to spend about two years with the 112th Special Operations Battalion (Airborne). A self-professed Reenactment and MilSim junky and fps gamer, he did his six years active, then a couple more in an Army Reserve CASH in LA before getting out entirely. Many people know him from his participation in Off Duty Gamers, others know him from his consulting on FPS games like Battlefield and Ghost Recon.

He’s active with the 82nd Living History Association and the Jurassic Park Motor Pool, and is a dedicated WWII history buff. A self-deprecating, analytical, good-natured sumbitch, he currently works for both PTS and Ho-Tac.

If loving Greg is Wong, we don’t wanna be right.

Greg’s website is online here. You can also follow him on Instagram, @Spartan117GW, or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

One thought on “Nerd ALCON: Battlefield Hardline has arrived

  • February 4, 2015 at 8:04 pm

    Shit is horrible man, and I enjoy and am reasonably skilled at BF4. This is nothing but a reskinned BF 4.5 and with less balance overall with some new mechanics to this franchise. After playing dust bowl, bank job and downtown, there is no possible way I will be recommending this to anyone. Great writing and I enjoy your writing style, but the game does your writing an injustice.


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