Cloud Defensive

Cloud Defensive, a member of the Morningwood Bazaar, is known best for their OWL (Optimized Weapon Light), which was a generational leap in weapon light technology and performance. It is a one-piece system that can be mounted in ambidextrous configurations.  Also, it has the highest available WML output at 1,600 Lumen/45,000 Lux.

But the OWL isn’t the only equipment that they’re known for. The  COR integrates the rail system around the remote switching for the lights/lasers.

And then, we don’t want to forget about their LCS (Light Control System), which is a solid solution for attaching the Surefire ST07 remote switch to your long gun.

*Update January 2020: Cloud Defensive announced a new weapon-mounted light. It’s called the REIN, which stands for Rail Mounted Environmental. Illuminator

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Cloud Defensive

The Cloud Defensive OWL: Optimized Weapon Light.

In the image above you see images from @badassmedia (a @RadianWeapons Mod One pistol), @black_pixel_studios and, and probably some others we’re not sure who to credit.

Cloud Defensive is a part of the Breach-Bang-Clear Tactical Buyers Club

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