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Cloud Defensive, which first rose to prominence with the OWL (Optimized Weapon Light), has gone on to release a whole series of badass products. This is no mere maker of flashlights. They’re sorcerous high-tech ninja makers of flashlights. The OWL was a generational leap in weapon technology and performance, but as it turns out, that was just the first in a succession of great lighting tools that went on to surpass it.

Though we’re still waiting on a pistol light.

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About Cloud Defensive

The Cloud Defensive OWL is (well, was) a one-piece advanced weapon light that could be mounted in ambidextrous configurations.  It had a WML output of 1,600 Lumen/45,000 Lux – all serious qualities when it debuted (and serious still), but it was greatly improved upon by later models.

The COR integrates its rail system around remote switch management for lights/lasers. It’s a great accessory if you use a pressure switch.

And their LCS (Light Control System) is a solid damn solution for attaching the Surefire ST07 remote switch to your long gun.

The Misson Configurable Handheld (MCH) is a programmable handheld with a light body that can take a ridiculous beating. The micro MCH is an equally robust and powerful micro handheld light.

That’s only a handful of the great stuff they offer. They also offer a very interesting light trade-in program too. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate confidence in their products.


Bring it in, take a knee, listen up. THIS IS IMPORTANT. We don’t blame you if you think we’re just blowing smoke up your ass. Some of what we say could easily be interpreted as marketing copy pulled straight from a press release. Except it’s not. More than a few of our team have used Cloud Defensive weapon lights for a long time. And now, some of us will also be using a Cloud Defensive handheld light. Which we’ll report on soon.

Point is, we praise ’em but we’re not full of shit. We (many of us) are users.

*insert jingoistic cloud defense phrase here*

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Cloud Defensive

In the image above you see images from @badassmedia (a @RadianWeapons Mod One pistol), @black_pixel_studios and @franklin.design.co, and probably some others we’re not sure who to credit.

Cloud Defensive REIN 3.0

REIN 3.0 is better than the original REIN, which is still a great light. As is the REIN Micro. The Cloud Defensive REIN 3.0 has a patented tail-cap cartridge that is easily replaceable. It allows for “clocking” so you can minimize cable exposure without removing the tail of the light. The attached remote switch utilizes a cable exit from the tail cap that is perpendicular to the bore axis. This allows your cable to be protected from potential snags and impact.

Why go with Cloud Defensive? Let us count the ways. We’ll start with high candela and lumens, an upgraded electrical system, and battery bounce elimination. We’ll move on to a patented remote switch design, patented battery jack feature, and patented tail cap cartridge (lots of patented there, see a pattern?)…they just make a great light. High tech stuff, but not at all fragible – a legit EDC-worthy, usable light.

Damn near every one of their new products is a significant design leap over its predecessor.

Use our affiliate link if you decide to buy one! It’s a great way to back the bang. It actually kind of makes you a part of the bang gang…

Cloud Defensive banner.

Cloud Defensive is a premier manufacturer of tactical lighting solutions.

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