Cloud Defensive REIN, A First Look

Dloud Defensive REIN full size and REIN Micro
October 2, 2020  
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I have been patiently waiting for it to REIN. At the beginning of this year, I reported from SHOT Show 2020 with the announcement of Cloud Defensive’s newest weapon light. Since then, 2020 has been one hell of a dumpster fire, and it doesn’t seem to get any better.

The REIN was projected to have a release around April. The pandemic that ensued shortly after SHOT had an effect on basically everything as we know it, including logistical pipelines for materials. I have been in somewhat regular communication with Cloud Defensive’s President Sean McCauley to get updates because I, like many others are very eager to get one or a few on our rifles.

REIN full size and REIN micro side by side

REIN and REIN Micro side by side.

Just like the OWL, the Cloud Defensive REIN is going through an extremely thorough development where they are constantly testing and improving the product to make sure everything is perfect. Surely that isn’t popular with most people who are used to the Amazon click and have it in a day or two mentality.

REIN with remote switch

REIN with remote switch

A few products have been released in haste that ended up in absolute chaos, plaguing a good product with a bad taste that we consumers and end-users don’t forget. I myself would rather have all the possible problems worked out than beta testing a product that my life depends on. Weapon mounted lights are definitely in that category. If it fails on me when I need it, I could be in a bad way. I personally have no direct knowledge and experience when it comes to machining anything but from my conversations with Sean, it sounds way more complex than I can imagine. Covid-19 didn’t make it any easier.
Cloud Defensive REIN Micro

Our patience has paid off, and it’s going to REIN!

Cloud Defensive has always been about improving upon existing products and in this case with the REIN, like the OWL before it…innovating. The OWL was unlike anything else and was geared towards customers who only needed a white light setup with no laser integration. The REIN is their answer to a more traditional weapon light system with a tail-cap push button and optional remote switch activation.

Cloud Defensive - REIN full size and REIN Micro boxes.

It REINed!!

To answer a lot of questions off the bat in regards to compatibility with other products; the only thing that the REIN will be compatible with is the mounts that accept the scout pattern. The REIN is a whole new light altogether with a lot of smartly-designed features and accessories that are proprietary. This is what innovation is all about. Cloud Defensive took a look at what improvements needed to be addressed with weapon lights and created their own solution.

REIN Micro battery jack orange

The Battery Jack in Orange.

Let’s get the stats out of the way first with performance according to a FAQ that will be available on their site:


Cloud Defensive REIN full size

REIN full size

  • Lumens: 1,400
  • Candela: 60,000
  • Weight: 5.29oz *
  • Length: 6.172”
  • Head OD: 1.40”
  • Runtime: 120 min

*Overall weight of REIN head, body, tail-cap only.


  • Weight w/ pic mount only: 6.14oz
  • Weight w/ 18650 only: 6.91oz
  • Weight w/ 18650-pic mount: 7.76oz

FULL KIT WEIGHT – remote switch-18650-pic mount: 8.54oz
REIN kit full size


Cloud Defensive REIN Micro Kit

  • Lumens: 1,300
  • Candela: 55,000
  • Weight: 4.97oz *
  • Length: 4.942”
  • Head OD: 1.40”
  • Runtime: 35 min

*Overall weight of REIN head, body, tail-cap only.


  • Weight w/ pic mount only: 5.82oz
  • Weight w/ 18350 only: 5.86oz
  • Weight w/ 18350-pic mount: 6.70oz

FULL KIT WEIGHT – remote switch-18350-pic mount: 7.48oz

REIN Micro Complete kit.

REIN Micro Complete kit.


  • Weight: 1.41oz *
  • Length: 2.75”
  • Height: .729”

*Overall weight of REIN remote switch with 5” wire & tail insert


  • Weight w/ 5” wire – insert – tail-cap: 1.90oz
  • Height from top of Picatinny rail to switch: .500”
REIN remote switch and Gen3 LCS.

REIN remote switch and Gen3 LCS.

First Look

I got my hands on one of the first REIN kits off the production line in order to get you all this first look. I received both the REIN and REIN Micro. I got one standard and one complete kit. The tail-cap and remote switches are interchangeable. The REIN was designed full of features that are specific for the needs of a shooter. Here are the features the REIN has that are unique and haven’t been done before.

Battery Jack

This was very interesting to me when I saw it at SHOT Show. It is something that is internal and therefore not seen much since then. It gives leeway for different 18650 batteries to be used as they come in many different lengths and it keeps the battery from moving back and forth during recoil. Just take the battery jack and rotate it until the battery is snug in there and don’t over tighten it as that may cause damage to the battery.

Field Serviceable Lens

This is a great feature that carries over from the OWL. The lens is very strong and if it does break, replacing is a simple task that can be done yourself and there’s no need to send the entire light back to be serviced.

Cloud Defensive REIN and REIN Micro - light on - lenses are user-serviceable.

The lenses are serviceable by the user if needed.

Tail-cap & Remote Switch

The Cloud Defensive REIN by itself comes with just the tail-cap and Picatinny rail mount. The kit comes with the REIN, tail-cap, remote switch, and LCS.

The tail-cap and remote switch are unlike anything ever seen before. It’s a simple push-button that is independent of the remote switch as they are electrically isolated. That means if your remote switch fails somehow or vice versa, the other acts as a backup or fail-safe and you’ll still be able to activate it.

The cable exits the side of the REIN weapon light instead of the back where it would be susceptible to damage. When timed correctly, it will go between the light body and into the remote switch, which will be in a third-generation LCS. This will leave no cables exposed but rather protected by the light body itself. There are two circular buttons on the remote switch. Constant On is the button with the CD logo and the other is for the momentary.
REIN Micro .300 blackout - pushbutton operation

Cloud Defensive REIN cable management

The cable is heavy-duty to handle more amperage with less resistance and is attached to the remote switch from beneath it. All the excess cable can be managed with the dual integrated channels and early exit openings. Getting the cable inside the LCS and clamped down took some work but with some patience and experience with previous LCS setups, I was able to get most of the cable covered.


The REIN and REIN kit both come standard with a Picatinny rail mount. Cloud Defensive will also have available MLOK mounts made by Impact Weapons Components & Haley Strategic.

First Impressions

This is a first look so I don’t have a lot of time with them but I can report that these REINs are bright and have the warmer temperature light similar to the OWL.

REIN light beams

Those warm light beams!

The tail-cap switches feel very good with momentary easy to use with a positive wall to push through to get to the constant on function.

The remote switch is also very nice with a responsive momentary button and the constant on requires you to positively click it to turn and remain on. It turns off immediately when you start to push on it to deactivate. It keeps you from inadvertently clicking it to constant on and shuts it off right away when you need it to. This is a nice touch that shows that it was designed by people who shoot and train.

The Cloud Defensive REIN looks and feels solid. I will run them both and put them through their paces.

I quickly put both on my 10.5″ AR Pistols with the CORv1 rails.

AR Pistols with Cloud Defensive REIN full size and REIN Micro.

AR Pistols with REIN and REIN Micro.

On my 5.56 setup, I have the full-size REIN mounted with an Impact Weapons Components/Haley Strategic Thorntail 6 at the 2 o’clock position with the remote switch and LCS on where the OWL goes.

Cloud Defensive REIN mounted to CORv1 rail.

The REIN setup on the CORv1 rail.

Cloud Defensive REIN on CORv1 rail - top view

Top view.

On my .300 Blackout setup, I have the Cloud Defensive REIN Micro weapon light attached via an IWC/Haley Strategic Thorntail 2 mounted at the 10 o’clock position where I can activate it using the tail-cap.

REIN Micro on the CORv1.

.300 Blackout setup with the REIN Micro on the CORv1.

Cloud Defensive learned their lesson with the OWL with the pre-orders so this time around, there was no pre-sale. The first REINs are already boxed up and ready to ship within days until they’re on a backorder status.

Pricing starts at $279.99 for both the REIN and REIN Micro in the standard and $339.99 for the Complete Kit. You’ll get 10% off your order with this code: 50shades at checkout.

These are made here in the United States, in Indiana. Cloud Defensive controls every stage of production in-house. They’re all a bunch of good people who take great pride in the products they make and that includes their new REIN weapon light.

For more info, visit the Cloud Defensive website.

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