SBA4 Brace: 5-position adjustable stabilizing pistol brace

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The SBA4 Brace – it’s the newest Pistol Stabilizing Brace from SB Tactical. This one you see here is just a 3D printed prototype, and the weather kept her from arriving at SHOT on time, but you’re still gonna get the idea.

The SBA4 should be shipping sometime in late April; preorders will be open soon.

The brace is the latest iteration (generation?) of the brace…SBA3 brace ⇒ SBA4 brace, see what they did there?

The SBA4 brace is SB Tactical's newest AR Pistol Brace
The newest AR Pistol brace from SB Tactical is 5-point collapsible.

The SBA4 Brace will be 5-position adjustable but will maintain the ATF mandated length of pull to keep your AR pistol legal. How that legality would be affected by something like the LAW Tactical or Deadfoot Arms folding adapter I don’t know — maybe we can get some guidance on that later, though I’m sure if given the chance the BATFE will unnecessarily obfuscate and bureaucratize it mercilessly.

SB Brace for AR Pistols from SB Tactical.
SBA4 Brace on the wall at SB Tactical’s booth; photo by Leviathan Group (thanks fellas).


Stabilizing Pistol Brace for AR Pistols from SB Tactical - the SBA4
The SBA4 Pistol Stabilizing Brace from SB Tactical will fit on a variety of weapon systems. Not a Ma Deuce (yet), but a certainly a wide variety.
SB Brace for AR Pistols from SB Tactical - photo courtesy Cloud Defensive.
That’s a Cloud Defensive OWL on the front end of this blaster, with an SBA4 at the rear. PC: Cloud Defensive.

Grunts: obfuscate.

Once it’s available you’ll be able to glom onto one of these on the SB Tactical SBA4 Brace page.

SB Brace for AR Pistols from SB Tactical - photo courtesy UN12 Magazine
This new AR Pistol brace from SB Tactical – the SBA4 – will be available in April.

SB Tactical - manufacturer of AR pistol braces like the SBA3 and SBA4

SB Tactical is available at the following locations online:
Rainier Arms
Weapon Outfitters
Midway USA
Optics Planet
Tactical Buyers Club

SB Brace for AR Pistols from SB Tactical - photo courtesy UN12 Magazine
The SBA4 brace looks almost like a stock. Photos by UN12 Magazine.


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You can get another look at the SBA4 brace in an article by Ivan Loomis on Guns America Digest.

There’s another SHOT Show article about it on TTAG by Chris Heuss: Hands On with the New…SBA4.

Stabilizing Pistol Brace for AR Pistols from SB Tactical - the SBA4

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