Cloud Defensive LCS Mk1 – Mk2 Comparisons and Review

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October 28, 2021  
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The Cloud Defensive LCS (Light Control System) is intended to help with you and your blaster’s Switchology, i.e the cable management portion — which includes not just keeping things tidy, but also keeping ’em from getting jerked off.  *snicker* The system offers a marked improvement over the zip ties, wire, electrical or duct tape wraps, or other field-expedient (or redneck engineered) methods so many of us use (or don’t use and later regret). It’s centered around an aluminum hard-mount and a secure, friction-free slot for your light control tape switch, with integrated cable channels (ICC) that help tame excess cable and make it reversible/ambidextrous.

You can use it for other cables too, of course, we’re just focusing on the weapon light aspect.

CD light control switch for Surefire

This image (the LCS Mk1, a light control switch for Surefire) aptly shows how the LCS fares in grit and debris — it is of similar use against sweat, mud, blood, and other environmental factors that often fucker up our home-rigged switches.

To learn more or purchase, hit one of the links below or just scroll down.

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About LCS Surefire

About LCS Streamlight

LCS Reviews

Cloud Defensive Light Control System

Cloud Defensive LCS Integrated Cable Channel ICC

Designed to help with SBRs as well as full-length rifles, the cable channels on the LCS Gen2 (pictured here) are now on the bottom of the side clamps vs. the top mount as was seen on the Gen1s.The newer version also features the “Early Exit”, which gives the user some greater latitude in how to set things up (and on what sort of weapon it can be used for).

Cloud Defensive LCS versions

CD’s LCS is available for a variety of lights and mounting options.

LCS Surefire

Surefire Light Control System from Cloud Defensive

The LCS Surefire light control system mounts to either a Picatinny or M-LOK rail.

Cloud Defensive doesn’t sell Surefire lights, but they do build the LCS for them. They do carry the Surefire ST-07 remote switch and ST-07 remote switch/tailcap combo (which can be bundled with the LCS).

Determine whether your Surefire Scout, X300, or X400 has a socketed tail-cap. Yes? LCS with ST-07. No? LCS with UE-07.

This LCSmk1 mount is designed for the Surefire® ST07 Remote Tape Switch for Weapon lights. The same tape switch that is often supplied with the Surefire Scout series. The ST07 Tape Switch fits: SureFire Weapon Lights with plug sockets, including Millennium Universal, Classic Universal, Scout Light fitted with socketed tailcap, X300 and X400 with XT tailcap assembly. When properly fitted with the SureFire socketed tail cap, this product is also compatible with the Arisaka Defense Scout Series lights.


  • Precision CNC machined from Certified 6061-T6 billet aluminum for superior strength.
  • Mil-Spec Type III hardcoat anodized finish for superior durability and wear resistance.
  • Custom-manufactured size 8-32 Torx-drive screw. Made from hardened steel and then black nitride plated for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Unique Patent-Pending design utilizes a slot that ensures a snug, perfect friction-fit for the tape switch. Once installed its not coming out unless you want it to.
  • “Early Exit” feature allows the user to route the cable into the LCS and then exit the mount early if more cable slack is needed for your given setup.
  • 3-piece clamp design allows for perfect fit across all picatinny rails.
  • Proprietary Integrated Cable Channels (ICC) are integrated into both sides of the mount, giving the user the ability to control excess cable and making the mount ambidextrous and reversible. Channels can be used for other cable management as well (IR, et)
  • Full-length aluminum base allows for optimum tape switch engagement. No “give” in the tape switch when depressed makes for easier and more positive light engagement.
  • Shooter can fully use the entire length of the tape switch now.
  • The LCS Series Locks up 100% to your weapon. Zero movement. Zero play. Virtually indestructible.
  • Radiused/chamfered edges ensure comfort and ergonomic function.
  • Fully ambidextrous and reversible. The LCS be mounted in either direction, based on your preference/needs.
  • WIDTH 1.19″
  • HEIGHT 0.303″
  • LENGTH 2.5″
  • WEIGHT 1.0 oz.

LCS Streamlight

LCS Streamlight light control system

  • The LCS Streamlight light control system mounts to a Picatinny rail.
  • It does not support TLR-series Streamlight switches.
  • There is a Streamlight Rail-Mount HLX weapon light combo available.


The Streamlight LCS version is similar to that of the Surefire, but with the following dimensions:

  • WIDTH 1.32″
  • HEIGHT 0.575″
  • LENGTH 3.5″
  • WEIGHT 1.9 oz.

LCS Polymer Streamlight

Polymer LCS for Streamlight

CD also offers a polymer version of the Streamlight LCS, to wit:

The Polymer LCSmk2k is designed exclusively for the Streamlight ProTac series weapon lights Dual-Function tape switch that is commonly provided with the Streamlight ProTac series weapon lights. The LCSmk2 is TOO LONG for the shorter Streamlight 69132 switch provided with the TLR-series.


  • Proprietary impact-resistant injection-molded glass-filled nylon.
  • Custom-manufactured size 8-32 Torx-drive screw. Made from hardened steel and then black nitride plated for superior corrosion resistance.
  • WIDTH 1.35″
  • HEIGHT 0.575″
  • LENGTH 3.4″
  • WEIGHT 1.08 oz.

Polymer LCS for Streamlight

Cloud Defensive LCS Reviews

Cloud Defensive LCS for Streamlight Protac

Fifty Shades of FDE, March 2017

Ever since the Cloud Defensive LCS was released for the Surefire ST07 remote switch, owners of the Rail Mount lights have been asking, “What about an LCS for Streamlight?” (You may recall our previous review of the Streamlight Protac Rail Mount). CD’s Sean McCauley listened and went to work. After some prototypes and quality control testing, they went into production. The Cloud Defensive LCS Mk2 for the Streamlight Protac Rail Mount Weapon Light Switch is now available.

⚠️ Be advised: the LCS Mk2 does not work for the TLR series of lights.

Cloud Defensive LCS Mk2 Review (for Streamlight)

This review will be addressing the Cloud Defensive Streamlight mount and cable management: the LCS Mk2.

Cloud Defensive LCS Differences

Mk2 is Bigger than the Mk1 (that’s what she said)

I was one of the first to get one in the mail a few weeks ago. It came along with a Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 2 since, as of this writing, I run Surefire lights as my preference. My first reaction was, “Holy Hell, that switch is BIG! It’s got to be three times the size of the ST07 I’m used to.

Streamlight gets an A for Effort by including a mounting set with rubber rail grabbers, tape, and zip ties. I took a look at the stock mounting options and didn’t even open that bag.

Cloud Defensive LCS

The CD LCS doesn’t eat up a lot of real estate, nor is it hanging out there like the balls on a bulldog to catch the sides of doors and other obstacles.

In order to fit the larger-than-life switch, the LCS Mk2 itself is much bigger in size than the Mk1. Since it is much longer in length, there’s a new feature added: the Early Exit cut into the integrated cable channel. It is a little notch in the middle of the cable channel to allow the user more options to mount the light or switch. This was specifically for those who run SBRs. It’s always nice to have options.

Cloud Defensive LCS Mk2

Comparing a couple of different models (and colors too, though we’re less interested in sartorial splendor here than we are functionality on the sharp end).


Cloud Defensive LCS Mk2 Review.

As you can see here, the LCS does exactly what it’s supposed to without adding a bunch of weight or awkwardly angled protuberances (say that 5 times fast).

LCS Installation

The LCS Mk2 is similar to the Mk1 in that it is a three-piece design that creates a secure clamp onto the Picatinny rail. In order to keep the Mk2 as small as possible, the cable channels are on the bottom of the side clamps instead of on top like on the Mk1.

Installation is similar to the Mk1. However, you have the Early Exit feature you can use if you need or want to. For this review with my rifle setup, I didn’t use it. There are many ways you can install it. This is is how accomplish installation:

Once I find the sweet spots for the light placement and switch, I mount the light. I then hold the Mk2 with the switch on the Picatinny rail where I want it. I tuck the cable in and press it against the switch, then push the screws through. While holding all that together I grab the last piece, start the screws with my fingers, then tighten up with an Allen wrench.

It sounds harder than it is. (Insert appropriate “she said” joke here.)

Cloud Defensive LCS Mk2 Streamlight protac rail mount Review

Once it’s tightened down, you’ll have a secure mount for the remote switch without having to worry that it might snag or get ripped off at the worst possible time.

LCS Mk2 Functionality

The LCS Mk2 is solid and activation is always a sure thing. It’s easy to find and use: when you need light, you’ll get it. The strobing feature on the light itself was something to get used to, but it was plenty bright.

Cloud Defensive LCS Mk2 Streamlight protac rail mount Review

One thing to note, the tail cap design for the Rail Mount lights does not allow for the cable to be disengaged.

Since it is the only place to access the batteries, the best option to replace the batteries is to remove the entire light to get it done because cables don’t like playing twister. This will be an aggravation for some people, but the trade-off in risk reduction and improved switchology is well worth it in my opinion (and that of several others in the Breach-Bang-Tribe, and really, how often are we wrong?).

Cloud Defensive LCS Mk2 Streamlight protac rail mount Review

Installation is simple, as is dismounting the device. You’ll probably need to remove the light entirely to replace the batteries, but now at least you won’t have to cut and replace zip ties or deal with the gunk left behind by rigger tape. And anyway, it’s not like you have to rezero it.


From a tactical helmet review (also by Fifty Shades of FDE) for Highcom Armor. Included here because that is, as of this writing, his current rifle set up: you can see the Cloud Defensive goodness there (specifically the Mk1 A, which preceded the review you’re currently reading). Also present: Arredondo Accessories mag extensions, Arcteryx LEAF (who doesn’t love the dead bird?), Strike Industries Sentinel Elite SE, Agilite Tactical Bridge (on his noggin) and gloves (on his dick-skinners), Core Survival Helstar 6, and probably some other stuff we’re not immediately recognizing.

Factory or Custom Finishing?

The Cloud Defensive LCS Mk2 comes standard with Type III Hardcoat Anodized finish in black. If you want it in custom colors like Flat Dark Earth, Urban Gray, Burnt Bronze, and Bazooka Green.

50 SoFDE

Cloud Defensive LCS Mk1 Gen2

Cloud Defensive LCS Mk1 Gen 2

Surefire Light Control Switch

Fifty Shades of FDE, March 2017

Sometimes when you want or need a product that doesn’t already exist, you’ll have to come up with one yourself. That’s what Sean McCauley of Cloud Defensive (whom I’ve talked about before) did with the LCS Mk1 & ICC. The first generation of the LCS mount was (well, still is) a solid solution for attaching the Surefire ST07 remote switch to your long gun, but anything can be improved.

CD was already working on an improved version of the LCS based on feedback from their customers, myself included, even as users in the field were enjoying the advantages of their first effort. With a few months of designing, machining prototypes, and working out the kinks, the LCS Mk1 Gen 2 was completed.

Cloud Defensive Mk1 LCS Gen2

The Gen 2 LCS, a design reflecting substantial end-user feedback intended to “dial it in” debuted a few weeks before SHOT Show 2017.

I met up with Sean at SHOT and he handed me a brand new LCS Mk1 Gen2 in FDE with my name on the package.

Hot damn.

One of the best things about my first SHOT experience was meeting industry people I’ve worked with, but have actually only “known” over the phone or internet. (I also enjoy meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in years…but I digress).

As soon as I returned home from SHOT I put that Gen2 on my SCAR 17S.

Gen2 Surefire LCS

Cloud Defensive LCS Mk1 Gen2 freshly mounted up to a SCAR. That’s a nice way to celebrate a successful SHOT Show!

From the first appearance of the Gen2 compared to the first, it looks a lot more sleek and low profile. It’s hard to describe how light it is without sounding like a shill, but this thing is light.

The Gen2 is comprised of three parts: the base where the switch slides in and the two sides that have cable slots cut into them. With them are two screws that lock it all together.

This design is a departure from the Gen1, which was a one-piece design that requires the user to slide it over a rail section. The Gen2 can be placed on any rail without having to remove anything, i.e. front BUIS, etc. The fit was also improved for the ST07 switch. It slides in easier and snugly when compared to the first Gen LCS.

Surefire light control switch system from Cloud

The Gen2 version’s two-piece design makes it less troublesome to mount and dismount from a rail.


The Gen2 LCS is a 2-piece design but retains all the advantages of the Gen1.

The Gen2 LCS is a 2-piece design but retains all the advantages of the Gen1.

I was able to mount the Gen2 on the top rail of my SCAR behind the front BUIS, something not possible with the Gen1. Installing it could be a little tricky, but it’s simple and straightforward. Once you have the perfect location and amount of cable that needs to go in there, just tighten the screws with all the pieces together and you’re done!

Since Gen2 is so low profile, it’s not in the way and won’t snag on anything. Having a cable slot on both sides allows you to manage your cable any way you want it. That is also included (i.e. not a separate item as was the case with the Gen1).

Surefire light mounted to author's SCAR, now wrangled by a GEN2 LCS Mk1.

Surefire light mounted to author’s SCAR, now wrangled by a GEN2 LCS Mk1.

The Gen2 is exactly what I wanted in a mount for the ST07. It’s the Gen1 perfected. I mean, what more could you want? It’s lighter, stronger, lower profile, and has an improved finish. Plus you get the same result of having a positive base to push the switch against; no matter where you press, you’re going to get activation when you need light.

The Gen2 comes standard in Black and is available in FDE, Burnt Bronze, Urban Grey, and Bazooka Green for an additional charge and lead time. They’re available now and if you purchased Gen1 LCS’s, you’ll get 40% off on the same quantities that you ordered.

That’s a nice touch, we think.

Gen 2 LCS from Cloud Defensive

McCauley assures me that Cloud Defensive isn’t done yet. He advises they’re just getting started.

In fact, since a lot of people have been asking them for a LCS for the Streamlight Protac Rail Weapon Lights, they’re currently working on the LCS Mk2 which will fit the Streamlight dual-function tape switch provided with the ProTac kit.

That’s in production now, so expect them to be available in the near future.

Cloud Defensive LCS Gen2

Everything Cloud Defensive makes, start to finish, is designed and made in America (which we’re always a fan of). Cloud Defensive products have a lifetime warranty and thus far every interaction I’ve had with their customer service has been outstanding.

50 SoFDE

Gen2 LCS Mk1 and Mk2 Inbound

Fifty Shades of FDE, January 2017

Cloud Defensive has been busy. Since my review of the LCS Mk1 and ICC, they’ve come out with their next generation of innovative tape switch mounts for the Surefire ST07, now to include the Streamlight tape switch. I’ve been in touch with Sean at Cloud Defensive and he’s kept me updated on the progress of his new designs. These new Cloud Defensive LCS (Light Control System) mounts are already available on their website.

Image of Cloud Defensive Light Control System - Gen 2.

Two New Models of LCS

Surefire LCS (Mk1) and Streamlight LCS (Mk2)

The new models are the Gen2 LCS Mk1 for the Surefire ST07 and the LCSMk2 which will accommodate the Streamlight ProTac Weapon Light Switch.

Here’s what Cloud Defensive has to say about the improvement in the features of the Gen2 tape switch mounts over the Gen1:

1) Three-piece clamp design with integrated cable channels on both sides. Perfect fit on every Picatinny rail. Also, our clamp design provides far more clamping force than our Gen1 units due to the surface area of the clamping sections.

Two side-by-side images of Cloud Defense LCS Gen-2 tape switch mounts.

2) Type III Hardcoat anodizing (improved from Type II used in the Gen1). It’s a flatter finish that’s twice as strong.

3) Lower overall height.

4) Narrower overall width.

Top view of Cloud Defensive LCS Gen2 tape switch mounts.

5) Lighter overall weight. 45% lighter weight to be precise

6) Heavily chamfered/radiuses surfaces – no sharp corners at all. More ergonomic.

7) Custom-made size #8-32 screws allow for easier installation at much lower torque values.

Stand by for a review. This is just a product announcement, I’ll have one on hand for a full report shortly.

-Fifty Shades of FDE

Close up of Cloud Defensive LCS Gen2.

LCS in the Wild and in Action

Mad Duo — not sure when it was all done, we were day drinking. 


@fityshadesofFDE rifle with Thorntail 6 in MLOK, which provides multiple options for WML placement. Also features the Strike Industries Sentinel Elite SE with Oppressor and Link Curved Foregrip. That’s a Cloud Defensive LCS Mk1a keeping it all together.



Via @competitive_sportsman on Insta: “Current weapon light arrangement on the 11.3″ AR pistol. The light is a Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 2 which produces 625 lumens. Arisaka Defense produces an Inline mount for MLOK that moves the light closer to the rail than mounting via Picatinny rails. This light also ships with a tape switch, stickers, and zip ties. Cloud Defensive created the LCSmk2k, an aluminum housing that secures the tape switch directly to the top rail. The Light Control System has a channel for the tape switch wire to protect it. This seems like a great illumination system for an AR platform!”


Muzzle Flash Media rifle build based on KE Arms carbine

A KE Arms based rifle build by Muzzle Flash Media (@muzzleflashmedia on Insta). It features a Cloud Defensive LCS, Viktos brand Wartorn tactical gloves, DBal i2 from Steiner Optics, a Surefire Mini-Scout, and assorted other goodies.



Cloud Defensive LCS for Surefire WMLs on a KE Arms rifle build by @muzzleflashmedia.


The CD Light Control System in use.

From @muticamhalfblack: “The Cloud Defensive LCS, I’ve had this system now for around half a year. And around an estimated 3000 to 4000 rounds with it on my main rifle running various different drills. My experience with it has been superb, I knew upon unpacking it cloud had made a phenomenal product but running it and using it has really proved that to me. It’s been wholly comfortable to me and works well with how I C clamp my rifles, I normally ran my pressure pads on a 45 angle so this was an interesting switch and it worked perfectly for me. The finish on it has also surprised me I run this into barricades and the shale on my range regularly and the wear on it is minimal. All in all, I fully recommend this and @clouddefensive to anybody. Soon I will be picking up the MLOK version of this to run on an upcoming build I’m doing.”


CD LCS - @glockmeisterthreefiveseven

“Cloud Defensive really thought of everything, all the way down to 4 index points on the tail cap to get the wire in the exact spot you want.” via @glockmeisterthreefiveseven on IG.



Retired Army SF hitter Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical demonstrating ambidexterity with the Cloud Defensive LCS on a Radical Firearms rifle (with a rail wrap from Burnproof Gear).



@Trauma_RN working vehicles with @ronintactics via IG. Cramped quarters like this is the last place you want to be worrying about your cables going everywhere like fucked up hippie hair.



A great LCS comparison shot, also by @glockmeisterthreefiveseven.


Brent Brabant (a Breach-Bang Clear) contributor with an LCS-equipped rifle.

Brent Brabant (a Breach-Bang Clear) contributor with an LCS-equipped rifle.


Cloud Defensive LCS on an ACR

“So, getting a light/pressure pad configuration set up on my new SBR was a little bit of a task. Thank goodness for @arisakadefense, @clouddefensive, and @surefire_llc! With the inline keymod ST07 Mount and the 45-degree Mount getting this Mini Scout placed properly with enough room to use the pad intuitively was possible!” @qvo_tactical


Light Control System on an interesting blaster - @qvo_tactical's Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR).

Light Control System on an interesting blaster – @qvo_tactical’s Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR).


Light Control System on an interesting blaster - @qvo_tactical's Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR).

@qvo_tactical’s switchology, thanks to the light control system from Cloud Defensive.

Mad Duo

The Cloud Defensive Light Control System, Integrated Cable Clamp; a mechanism to improve switchology for the cables of an AR 15 flashlight or similar weapon mounted light.

LCS Mk1 ICC (Integrated Cable Clamp) Report

Cloud Defensives Light Control System: For Better Switchology

Fifty Shades of FDE, 2016

When I bought my Surefire Mini Scout kit last year, I wanted a better solution to mount the ST07 momentary tape switch. The included Velcro tape is not, in my opinion, sufficiently durable for hard use (certainly nothing as reliable as the LCS and its Integrated Cable Clamp, as you’ll see). Perhaps more importantly, while the Velcro tape works well in some configurations, in many others it leaves the switch exposed and the excess wire gets caught on everything from your gear to environmental obstacles. I did a Google search and, within the confines of that search, found only low-quality mounting solutions.

Light Control System Integrated Cable Clamp

On display: the Cloud Defensive LCS ICC Integrated Cable Clamp.

I ended up buying an entirely new dual switch from Surefire: the SR07 momentary- or constant-on switch that clips onto any Picatinny rail. Not too long after that I found a perfect mounting solution for the ST07 tape switch from a new company called Cloud Defensive LLC. I got in contact with Sean, the owner, and ordered a Cloud Defensive LCS (Light Control System) with ICC (Integrated Cable Clamp).

He already knew from my social media profile I’d want some shade of FDE so he sent me the first one in Burnt Bronze. I received the LCS and ICC a few days later. Inside the box were several little zip lock bags with the LCS, ICC, four screws and instructions.

CD Light Control System Integrated Cable Clamp for an AR 15 flashlight.

Both the LCS and ICC were machined well with no sharp edges and the burnt bronze finish was nicely done. The LCS MK1 is a one-piece part machined out of aluminum in order to have a strong, light, low-profile mounting solution. The ICC is an optional piece that attaches to either side of the LCS with two small screws.

To install the Light Control System MK1, it’s recommended that you use non-petroleum-based lube on the ST07 tape switch and slide it into the LCS. It’s a very tight fit and with some effort, it gets in snug. After the tape switch is in, simply slide the LCS from the front of your Picatinny rail into your desired position. Then attach the ST07 to your Surefire light. Next, take your Integrated Cable Clamp, place the cable in the cutout, attach it to the LCS, and you’re set!

No zip ties necessary, and you have a compact, tidy system.

LCS Integrated Cable Clamp for an AR 15 flashlight.

LCS Integrated Cable Clamp for a AR 15 flashlight.

I installed it on my SCAR 17s, specifically on the Kinetic Development Group MREX rail extension.

The LCS MK1 slid right on the MREX’s top rail with ease. As soon as I was done installing the LCS and ICC, I was very impressed with the new cleaned-up look without loose wires (and more than cautiously optimistic that it would control out-of-control wires and cables). The LCS is something truly innovative because not only does it provide a secure home for the tape switch, it does so with a small signature. Combined with the ICC, the loose cable is no longer an issue – and that solution doesn’t stick way out from the bore increasing your rifle’s profile (or chances of catching on something).

Cloud Defensive LCS ICC Integrated Cable Clamp

Not too long after that, Sean called me to make sure everything was going okay.

I gave him some feedback, and he’s already working on an update similar to what I’d been thinking about: to with, a two-piece LCS that clamps on a Pic rail instead of sliding through one end. You can bet as soon as that model is available I’ll be putting my hands on it (and writing a review).

Switchology light control measure for an AR 15 flashlight remote switch (or similar weapon light).

As I was writing this review, Sean thought FDE would be a better match for my SCAR and me, so he sent me an LCS/ICC set in FDE. I got it in just in time to get some pictures with it installed. It looks great, as you can see here. If your rifle isn’t black, I recommend getting your LCS coated in a color to match your rifle. Not because it’s necessary for a fight (function trumps form), but because it’s a shame to have good gear like this that doesn’t match!

Sean offers a lifetime warranty, very similar to Surefire’s no-hassle warranty, which is itself one of the best warranties around.

Thanks to Cloud Defensive, we now have a solid, without-peer solution for Surefire’s ST07 tape switch. It comes standard in Black but is available in different finishes for an additional cost.

50 SoFDE

Cloud Defensive LCS: Pressure mount switch problem solved

Tape Switch Mount Problem Solved

Mark Endy, Black Sheep Warrior, January 2018

The following LCS review appeared on (which we believe, as you probably already know, is a site you should be following).

The LCS is composed of a full-length aluminum base which allows the shooter to be able to use the entire length of the light switch, and the 2 side clamping sections, which when mounted correctly offer a solid, no movement low profile mount. All sections are manufactured using CNC machined 6061 aluminum with a Mil-Spec Type III hardcoat anodized finish, and the LCS is held together with Manganese Phosphate coated screws which greatly reduce the chances of corrosion.

Cloud Defensive LCS: Pressure mount switch problem solved

Dual cable control channels are machined into the two clamping sections of the mount, which allow you to run the excess cable on either side, keeping any excess tucked away and making the mount truly ambidextrous. The LCSmk2k features a brand-new “Early Exit” feature for the cables, enabling the user to utilize more of the cable if necessary.

Cloud Defensive LCS: Pressure mount switch problem solved

Cloud Defensive produces a few other mounts as well, such as the LCSMK1D, which is an inline KeyMod mount for the Surefire ST07 Remote Tape Switch, and they offer complete kits that Include their LCS mount and tape switch, or if you need the light as well, the whole kit which includes an LCS mount, tape switch, and weapon light.

Problem solved.

Read the rest of the review in its entirety.

Cloud Defensive LCS: Pressure mount switch problem solved

A Cloud Defensive LCSMK1 mounted on an 8.5 in. AR15 300BLK build. "Not a ton of real estate, so the pressure switch goes in front of the BUIS." Chris Tran (Also featuring Arisaka Defense and Malkoff Devices min-Scout clone.

A Cloud Defensive LCSMK1 mounted on an 8.5 in. AR15 300BLK build. “Not a ton of real estate, so the pressure switch goes in front of the BUIS.” Chris Tran (Also featuring Arisaka Defense and Malkoff Devices min-Scout clone.

Eliminating Substandard Mounting Options

Chris Tran, Guns and Tactics, April 2017

The following interview with Cloud Defensive’s Sean McCauley appeared on (another site you should be reading). 

I came across a company called Cloud Defensive a while back, and was intrigued by a tape switch housing called the LCSMK1, or Light Control System MK1 made for the Surefire ST07 tape switch. The ST07 is a momentary on/off pressure switch designed to fit commercially available Surefire Scout Light-style lights including aftermarket companies such as the excellent Arisaka bodies, as well as Surefire clone bodies offered by Haley Strategic/Impact Weapons Components.

Chris Tran on the LCS and interview with Cloud Defensive

Chris Tran (CT): Can you tell us a little bit about your background and the inception of Cloud Defensive? How did you get involved in the industry, and how does Cloud Defensive see itself as a viable company in the accessory market?

Sean McCauley (SM): My journey to this industry is a bit unremarkable. I was never in the military. I was never in law enforcement. I certainly love those communities and we support them unequivocally. My personal education and background is actually in the nutrition and fitness realm (web-based consulting via to be precise). So, I’m just a guy who loves to shoot. I also love to help people and solve problems. On 09/05/04 I lost my cousin in Sadr City, Iraq. Spc. Ryan Michael McCauley. That changed me in a lot of ways. With the passing of some time it became clear to me that I needed to do my part. The day-in and day-out routine was suffocating and I didn’t feel like I was having a big enough impact. Seeing guys like my cousin and now Sgt. Curtis Bartlett (who was among our earliest supporters and will be deeply missed) out there sacrificing everything for me while I lived in my little fitness bubble just was not cutting it anymore. I wanted to help and I knew my path forward was on the equipment side of the equation.

Cloud Defensive is how I am doing that. My mission is to get the best-possible equipment to the guys making a difference; be that on the front lines, out on the streets or to the civilians like myself, keeping your family safe wherever you may be. If I do my job right, maybe one day somebody gets go home to their kids when they otherwise would not. That literally keeps me up at night now. That’s how I do my part. As my wife would verify, it’s not uncommon for me to get out of bed at midnight and go back to work or drive out to the shop and work on stuff as the CNC’s are rolling 24 hours a day. Seeing our LCS now out in the world is fantastic for that reason. I get a lot of pictures from LEOs and other guys with this on their rifles and I know they have the best-possible solution for those switches. That makes all the work worth it.

CT: What is Cloud Defensive all about? Where are you located, and what can you tell me about your company and what it aims to achieve?

SM: We are located in southern Indiana. We are basically a think-tank. Our products are manufactured for us by our friends at Freedom Ordnance. They’re just a few miles away, their quality is second to none, their machining capabilities are significant and critically, they are also in the firearms industry. So they are completely familiar with the field. Sourcing that manufacturing does a couple of great things for us. First, it allows us a lot more flexibility and mobility. With the guys at FO just a phone call or text message away, we can make changes or updates to a given design in real-time. Secondly, it keeps us focused on the innovation side of things and not bogged down with the day-to-day realities of running a full-scale machine shop. We are a small company and just starting out. So our operating model is a bit unique in that regard. We have all the manufacturing capacity we need however and we are able to move in a given direction pretty fast compared to most.

In terms of our goals, it’s all about the end-user. While we are currently on the weapon-light side of things, this company is moving in several other directions and you’ll see some totally unrelated things coming from us in the future. We are not looking to get into anyone area exclusively. We are problem-solvers and we are doing a few different things right now. And like all other companies, we want to grow and be successful.

We’re also a customer service-based company. Coming from the consulting world, I know how critical it is to actually HELP people as opposed to just sell them something. It’s easy to recreate the wheel and pitch it. We don’t do that. And while we are a company and while we do market ourselves, we spend as much time helping people as possible via our social media channels. Our customers are loyal to us and we will always have their backs too. We work hard to do right by people. For example, our 100% lifetime warranty on everything we make, forever. Regardless of who owns it. That is nice but it goes farther than that for us because it’s not just about the product, it’s about the people. When the second-generation LCS came out, it was not a question of whether or not we’d give Gen1 customers a discount. It was just known. So, we sold (and continue to sell) Gen2 units to Gen1 customers for 40% off. It’s the right thing to do because again we want the best equipment in their hands. There is too much at stake in this line of work to operate any other way. I think all companies in our industry should do that.

CT: The LCSMK1 is undeniably rugged. What were your main goals in its creation, and why is it a viable accessory for consumers to consider?

SM: I saw two things that bothered me. First was the notion that we have dedicated mounts for everything else on the gun. Yet we were all forced to zip tie the switch and excess cable to the gun. That didn’t make any sense to me. Even light companies were accepting of that because they give you zip ties and Velcro when you buy spend anywhere from 100-400 dollars on a weapon light. I knew we could fix that. I knew we all needed better.

Secondly, was the notion that we bet our lives on that weaponlight activation and like any other system, your gun is only as strong as its weakest link. And Velcro just isn’t very strong. Not compared to machined metal anyways. Nor is a zip tie. I wanted to create a dedicated mount that would secure the tape switches to the gun and deal with any excess cable at the same time. One of the big liabilities with tape switches is excess cable either fraying or breaking when it snags on things. That’s due to exposure to contact during movement. The LCS prevents that. Tape switches are also vulnerable to direct impact and the LCS housing protects the switch. It keeps the tape switch secured, it increases ergonomics and it increases the life expectancy of the tape switch, and hopefully the end-user as well.

Chris Tran on the LCS and interview with Cloud Defensive

Mounting the LCSKM1

I would strongly advise the end-user actually read the directions. I know, I know, Man Card revoked and all that. Although the LCSMK1 is minimalist and only comprised of five (5) parts, the directions have some good tips regarding installation that will make for a more precise mounting system. Please also pay attention to the recommended torque specifications to avoid voiding the warranty.

Once mounted, I tested my light configuration to make sure it was in working order and finished clamping the assembly down. Seamless install, no issues, and the ST07 tape switch remained firmly in place even after tossing my AK “Beastie” about. Slow fire, rapid-fire strings, and all sorts of banging around on my beater AK revealed that the LCSMK1 was a solid contender, vastly superior to hook & loop (especially after my build heated up), and aesthetically much more pleasing and tidier than fitting and clipping zip ties to a build.

The product is a winner.


In a nutshell, here are the high points for the LCSMK1:

  1. Sturdy, well-machined construction
  2. Ease of assembly
  3. Superior tape switch and cable management
  4. Inherently snag-free design


Several of my noted criticisms should be addressed, or are in the process of being addressed at the time of this writing:

  1. Cost. The LCSKM1 is sold at $60, which is not cheap, but neither is the product.
  2. Mounting solution limitations. Currently, only Picatinny mounts are available, however, as mentioned above, different mounting solutions will be released soon.


All in all, this product is good to go. The LCSMK1 is lightweight, strong, and provides a rock-solid platform to retrofit current ST07 switch mounting solutions. I really appreciate the design, execution, and performance of this product, and look forward to see what Cloud Defensive comes up with in the future.

Chris Tran on the LCS and interview with Cloud Defensive

Read Tran’s interview in its entirety on Guns and Tactics.

Modlite Mod Button Vs. Cloud Defensive LCS (Shoe) For SBRs


[Review references a Colt LE6945CQB rifle.] If you have never seen this rifle before, it uses an incredibly short and bulky monolithic upper assembly with a folding front gas block sight. The 10.3″ barrel makes this a very handy fighting gun, but the extremely short rail more often than not feels cramped. I’m 6′ 3″ with very long arms and run the stock fully extended to make it useable.

This limited rail space has forced me to get creative with light mounts to try and maximize the space. My setup for the last year and a half has been a Surefire M600DF Scout with SR07 remote switch. I attached the light to an IWC Haley Strategic Thorntail Offset Adaptive SBR Scout mount. The Thorntail places a big light like the M600DF up and outward to free up some area for grip.

LCS shoe compared to Modlite button

Yes, I did lose a constant on feature by switching to this configuration, but the extremely small overall package makes up for that to me. In all honesty, I don’t recall a single situation where I really needed the constant on in actual use.

To mount the SR07 I chose to modify it and mount it on a Cloud Defensive LCS Shoe for a Streamlight switch. At the time I decided to do this because I wanted the option of a constant-on switch from the SR07 with the cord management of the LCS. This setup excels in that role but adds added bulk and size which was something I never loved on the already bulky Colt rail.

LCS shoe compared to Modlite button

Yes, I did lose a constant on feature by switching to this configuration, but the extremely small overall package makes up for that to me. In all honesty, I don’t recall a single situation where I really needed the constant on in actual use.

I am now able to achieve a more controlling grip while still being able to easily access the control button.

Read the entire article online at

Switchology: LCS shoe compared to Modlite button

Cloud Defensive LCS on Amazon

You can find Cloud Defensive on Amazon in addition to some of the other places mentioned above.

Here are some of the LCS reviews buyers have posted:

Gucci Upgrade that’s worth the money: “Dan”

Find it here.

This is a great way to secure the pressure pad for my Streamlight Pro-Tac HL-X and I would say there are pros and cons here but I would recommend picking this product up as I believe it is hands down the best way to securely mount your light bar (pressure pad) for regular shooting and no having to worry about if its going to fall off, come loose, or run melted glue/plastic down the side of your handguard.


  1. Picatinny Mounting System (Secure & Much better than the included tape/zip ties)
  2. Dont have to worry about heat from the barrel on high round count days (I do 200+ round days at times depending on what I am doing for that day). With the COVID price of ammunition currently that isnt as possible unfortunately.
  3. The railing includes awesome cable management that does not damage the cable when mounted securely and helps to maintain a clean and professional look.


  1. Price. The cost of the mount is HALF as much as the light system.
  2. Huge pain to assemble the first time. It comes in three pieces and cannot be pre assembled and popped on. You must put the three pieces together on the rail and screw them together while holding them on. You will need your own allen wrench in 3/32 to assemble (one is not included).
  3. This depends on where you mount but if you mount the light bar on the top and you are running a c-clamp grip with a lower mounted sight you may be co-witnessing through glass with your thumbs knuckle.
  4. This would be a general issue with all light bars mounted on top so make sure to understand clearance. This was not an issue for me but just be aware.

I am still fully standing behind the product even with the downsides. This is a gucci upgrade for a rifle so assuming you have upgraded the other important parts of your build (Sights, Muzzle, Trigger, etc.) and are looking to fine tune it to perfection this is the way to go.

Consistency is key: “Nomad”

Find it here.

I bought a scout light with the pressure switch, used, from a friend. He had this cheaper ST07 Surefire tape switch on it, and I couldn’t justify buying the $100 Picatinny mounted dual switch. I initially had the tape switch secured with zip ties, until I melted one while I was training.

I like to keep everything looking as clean and neat as possible, and this product seemed to deliver in that regard. Installation was easy and it sits exactly where I want it. The internal cable routing is such a great feature, and it even has an escape half way through on one side in case you need it.

The key here is that this won’t shift on you, which means you’re in the exact same place for light control every time. Train with consistency and you’ll be rewarded. Using this helps you achieve consistency in grip and light discipline.

I removed the sticky tape portion of my switch, and added a drop of lube, to slide it in. It’s secure and isn’t going anywhere.

From some of the pictures, it seems like this is a big chunky brick on top of your rail. See my included photos for how slim this actually is. You have to realize that it sits low on your rail, but looks bigger from the side because of how the clamps come down to secure it.

It actually looks very clean and functions perfectly. Forget tape, zip ties, ranger bands… This is a very minimal weight difference but you get so much more out of it. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in prolonged or sustained combat, you would be best served by a product like this. Everything else can melt and shift.

My only knock on it is the high price, but you pay for quality. Don’t skimp on the essentials.

I’ll likely run one of these on all my builds moving forward. I will update this review if I encounter issues.

Expensive, but pretty Exceptional: “David Foster”

Find it here.

This thing is absolutely stout and works as advertised allowing the tape switch to slide conveniently within it and the excess cable to be stowed beneath. My only gripe is the price, but I am most certainly not trying to take anything away from the quality and unique niche in the market that it fills. While that concern alone almost deterred me from purchasing it, you may be in the same situation, and asking me, “Well, Dave- Is it worth it?” That’s ultimately for you to decide. It may be pricey, but I definitely won’t be returning mine…

Looks great! Works great!: “Erik”

Find it here.

Looks great! Works great!

The only real complaint is that it’s a bit clumsy to install. Fumbling to align about six pieces together to install. (The five pictured, plus your cable.) But, once installed… It’s very sturdy, and as an added bonus, it does cable management, too! One of those ‘set it and forget it’ type of things.

It does raise the tape switch slightly more off the rail than the OEM rubber adapters, but it can make for a good indexing point for your support grip, as well.

Suggestion: Stage it on your handguard first, to see how you like its positioning, before completely tightening it down.

Cloud Defensive: Read everything we’ve written about ’em.

Safariland Cordura-wrapped holsters


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