OSOE’s NSW (Naval Special Warfare) Rig

Nice video about the Original Special Operations Equipment NSW Rig. Take a minute to watch it; also, regarding the price – this isn’t Condor or some crap thrown together in China, and barring you falling into a swarm of mutant pirahna or being hit by an EFP by wearing it, you’ll probably be able to pass it down to your spawn in your will. {youtube}ok-ghnqDFOc{/youtube} OSOE: http://originalsoegear.com/   Mad Duo Clear! About the Authors: Richard “Swingin’ Dick” Kilgore and Jake “Slim” Call are the HMFICs at Breach-Bang-Clear (breachbangclear.com). They write for current and former military, LEOs, contractors and trained and educated responsible armed citizens. They are the most door-kickingest, trigger-pullingest action figures in the tactically operational tactical operator world. Subscribe to them and stay informed about TTPs, new kit, and latest in what’s stoopid (and occasionally inspiring) in the military and modern society or check them out on Facebook.

Son of ALICE – Pack from SpecOpsShop

SpecOpShop LLC is a rapidly growing Texas based business specializing PenCott pattern uniforms and Boonies (yes, we capitalized it, deal with it). They offer a wide array of patterns for their style and are starting to gain some serious traction with dudes looking for the latest and greatest in concealment. They’re constantly expanding their line and are frequently introducing some very unique and interesting gear to the market. An example of this innovation is their new Son Of ALICE Pack. The SOA stands apart from many of the other “Modern ALICE” designs. Its not just another cool guy ruck, as it stands, it might soon be THE cool guy ruck. One of our lads had the opportunity to meet up with the gang over at Domari Nolo Defense Consulting and was able check the pack out. Domari-Nolo is a new gear and training company started up by a former Marine…

Range Planning: a Reminder for the New Year

First off, Happy New Year! Second off, resolve to yourself to spend more time on the range this year. Get off your ass. Going once a month and putting two magazines downrange in good, planned use is better than a single thousand-round weekend annually. Now more than ever, when pretentious uninformed foreign fucktards, evil crones and monkey-commanding old biddies are after your guns, the last thing we need is for an honest Second Amendment loving CCW carrier to throw an airball and kill a bystander. Train, boys and girls, or just give up your guns now. So, back to Range Safety Planning: yes, much of ths will be material you've seen before. Read through it anyway and implement it most ricky-tick. First the Cardinal Rules…Oh, yeah we already know them.  Too bad, we’re going over them (note: pictures courtesy of assorted Handlers). 1)      All Firearms are always loaded and shall…

HSP’s TroubleShooter Cap

While the mind(s) behind Monderno range from dirty to brilliant to twisted (depending on which personality is in charge at the moment), their website frequently produces material worth readng. Here’s some input on the new Haley Strategic hat: “…I’m constantly on the lookout for new baseball caps to try, both because I love them, and because I hate them. I love them for obvious reasons, but I hate them because they usually don’t fit/look right on my dome. It’s really not my fault… Enter the recently released Haley Strategic Troubleshooter Cap. When I saw it on the Haley Strategic Facebook page, I knew I had to give one a try. I’m glad I did. Features The Troubleshooter cap is military/tactical style cap that is what I would call semi-structured. That is, the front of the cap holds its shape whether or not it’s on your head. It has three loop panels:…

Epic Shovel-Ready AK Frankengun

You know what's bad ass? A home-modified Frankengun AK that uses a cheap shovel for the buttstock. One night the author of this thread (we'll link it below) was drinking some vodka one night and contemplating what to do with his shovel… Actually, there's no way we can explain the awesome awesomeness of this article (and the end result of the project). This guy should have been nominated for Man of the Year or something. Read the whole thing in its entirety: http://www.northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/threads/179192-DIY-Shovel-AK-photo-tsunami-warning   Mad Duo Clear!  

The Russian "Trauma Gun"

If you think it’s fun to play dodgeball in the barracks with a kevlar filled with gravel, think of how awesome it would be if opposing squads spent an entire night drinking and doing some MOUT stuff with these…via Firearms Talk. The PB-4 OSA (Russian for “Wasp”) is a break-open four barreled derringer type pistol that will not accommodate any known firearm cartridge. Made of polymers and aircraft grade aluminum, the gun will contain almost no steel other than the occasional screw. It fires one chamber at a time and is double-action-ish, as you do not have to cock a hammer. A 9-volt battery powers the electric ignition of the proprietary gas cartridges. In Russia, it is officially known as a ‘traumatic gun’ and when you look at the rounds, you can tell why. OSA Ammo It fires a 15.3mm (.60-caliber) phenolic rubber bullet with a metal core. This round…

Field Kit (Survival and EDC?) "Fire Fixins"

"…Making a fire isn’t difficult if you have unlimited dry fuel, a cigarette lighter, or some gasoline.  It becomes a much more challenging task if you are wet and cold and stuck in the woods without a piece of dry wood in sight…In situations like these, tinder and kindling selection is vitally important.  Taking the time to gather a large amount of dry, fine tinder material (along with plenty of kindling sorted by size) will be the difference between getting a good fire started and merely wasting your time with a bunch of smoldering leaves…" Great review of a handy product by Greg Ellfrit: Fire Fixins.  "The product is called “Fire Fixins” and was created by a Scoutmaster and outdoorsman named Jay Boggs…" Read the whole thing. Buy some.  

Humans of Afghanistan

Take a moment to watch this superb short film from Karim Delgado, a former Marine who is now a philosophy major. He recently worked as a contractor documenting SOF personnel during their deployment to the 'Stan. This was made with his leftover footage.   Delgado wrote the following: This video comprises a short collection of clips from my time working as a civilian videographer for the U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan in the first half of 2012. The song is Chad VanGaalen's "Rabid Bits of Time" from his terrific 2008 album Soft Airplane. I learned in Afghanistan that everything I thought I knew about humanity was wrong. I was profoundly depressed in the wake of this admission. My ideology needed to be true and so constantly justified; I needed to believe it was advantageous, even though it so often led me astray and prohibited my real salvation from error. Now…

WTFO? Chiappa Firearms Triple Barrel

Yeah, we’re gonna need one of these. Maybe two. Say what you want about a double barrel, it will never be as cool as a triple barrel (which itself is only 75% as awesome as a quadruple barrel).

This is the Chiappa Triple Threat.


Many of you may be familiar with the Chiappa Rhino, but what do you know about the manufacturer?

Here’s their background:

Chiappa Firearm Company is was started by Ezechiele Chiappa. To keep this simple, thankfully, he preferred going by Oscar, so that is how we will refer to him from now on. In the early 1950s Oscar started in his career with Tanfoglio as a production line worker. But within four years at the ripe old age of 22 he was promoted to manager of all production which at that time was revolvers for the most part.

In 1958 the owner of Tanfoglio became ill and abruptly passed away and his wife decided to sell the company. As can happen with such things after the sale Oscar was removed from his management position so he decide to resign and move on. However, his life-long love of firearms and their use in sporting activities along with his machining expertise kept him in the industry and he formed his own company to do subcontract work for other companies. Eventually this new business lead to more production and at 29 Oscar founded his own company, Armi Sport.

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