Eyes On: KE Arms SLT-1 Sear Link Technology Trigger

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Eyes On: KE Arms SLT-1 Sear Link Technology Trigger

David “Norseman” Williams

Recently I received the brand new SLT-1 (Sear Link Technology) Trigger from KE Arms, and I’m very excited to run it in my AR platform. My boom stick is the Ruger SR 556 and although they claim MILSPEC at Ruger, I still had my doubts. One major flaw in this Ruger and many other off-the-shelf ARs has always been the heavy, mushy, trigger. But lo and behold, the SLT-1 functions perfectly.

Replacing the trigger was a snap, dare I say grunt proof. The folks a KE Arms have nailed the drop in self-contained trigger design. It only took a few minutes to install, and it function checked flawlessly. As they claim, you can put the weapon on safe regardless of its condition. It feels strange to be able to do this but the added safety factor makes it worth getting used to. The ambidextrous selector lever also moves much smoother than the original. I do have my reservations about how well the selector will stay in the SAFE position when slung over the shoulder or handled roughly, but I’ll give it every opportunity to be successful before I pass final judgment.

So far I find this trigger to be a welcome upgrade to any off-the-shelf AR platform. I’ve put a few rounds downrange with it but will save my impression for the full review. Spoiler alert, the break is crisp and the takeup is minimal but very consistent. I plan to get all up in the adjustments over the coming weeks and see how far I can push them while maintaining reliability. So read on for the manufactures claims while I head up to the mountains to do some running and gunning.


This article was brought to you in part by the Sonoran Desert Institute – a GI Bill friendly, online college specializing in firearms science.

KE Arms says:

KE Arms has licensed the manufacturing and distribution rights for the patent pending Sear Link Technology trigger system from M&M Manufacturing.  All components are made and assembled in the USA.

The SLT-1 has been tested thoroughly before release with tens of thousands of rounds in traditional 5.56 AR platforms, .308 AR platforms, 9mm AR pattern blow back carbines, and the SIG MPX.








– There is no disconnector for the hammer to drive through, thus creating a more efficient cycle of the bolt simply pushing the hammer out of the way as the gun fires.

– Forces of the bolt on the hammer are not transmitted into any other components of the trigger assembly.

– Constant sear engagement against the hammer means the trigger is always ready to reset and fire.


Moving parts are sealed in the underside of the housing making it less susceptible to fouling and debris.


No impact on moving internal parts increases longevity of the trigger system.


The SLT-1 Drops into mil-spec fire control pockets and is retained with standard fire control pins captured by springs inside the housing bushings.


Due to the unique geometry of the trigger, the safety can always be applied regardless of the hammer being down or cocked. When used appropriately this adds another level of safety to administrative handling and clearing of malfunctions.

Ambi Selector Included for a Limited Time

For a limited time KE Arms Ambi-Selectors will be included with all orders direct from KE Arms. If you purchase an SLT-1 from an authorized retailer during this time, you will receive a voucher for a free ambi-selector in the package.

Introductory MSRP of $199.95

-David “Norseman” Williams

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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Breach Bang Clear Gunnery Sgt David Norseman Williams 04Gunny “Norseman” Williams enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1993 and deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia in 1995 as a grunt. He was one of only two SLUGs out of fifteen to make it through Sniper Indoc and attend the USMC Scout Sniper School, graduating on his first attempt and later attending Urban Sniper, Urban R&S, Advanced Sniper, Sniper Employment Officer and the Mountain Sniper/High Angle Shooting Course. As you might expect, after some time ramrodding a Sniper Platoon in the FMF he attended the Formal Schools Instructors Course and was selected as a Scout Sniper Instructor for the First Marine Division. There he was the primary instructor for the survival and .50 SASR portions, specializing in fieldcraft and combat tracking. (Note: it was there at Horno that David Reeder, our editor, met both Williams and Mad Duo Freddy; they instructed a class together. This was the start of a long and improbable badass tale.) Not too much later he received orders to the Mountain Warfare Training Center at Bridgeport. Since retiring he has continued to contribute tot he survival community as a Brother of Bushcraft and is also the HFBIC (Head Fucking Blacksmith In Charge) of the forge at Survival Hardware.

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