Strike Industries Releases Low Profile Compensator

March 25, 2020  
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Girth is more important than most people give it credit for. Everyone loves length, but you gotta think girth too. Strike Industries’ new AR 15 compensator was designed with girth in mind. Instead of being a massive, thick, compensating muzzle device, the Miller Comp is thin and blends in perfectly with a AR 15 barrel. It gives your AR 15 a very unique look and interesting profile. Like me, it does more than just look good. That thin design allows you to remove or install a .750 inch diameter gas block without having to remove the muzzle device. Working on and reconfiguring your rifle has never been easier.

New compensator from Strike Industries: Miller Comp.

Design Features

The Miller Comp is designed with 14.5-inch barrels and is the perfect length to make it a legal 16-inch length after being pinned and welded. To make pinning and welding easier the Miller AR 15 compensator has a small pre-drilled pinhole and includes the pin. For maximum design, it uses a two-chamber design. The smaller girth also helps reduce weight so you can get the shortest and light title 1 carbine on the market. Keep in mind this is a compensator and not a flash hider so it skirts most state-level Assault Weapon’s bans.

Miller Comp, an AR 15 compensator,installed


The smaller girth doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance either. The Miller Comp’s thin design still mitigates recoil as good as every other compensator on the market. This allows for faster follow-up shots which make shooting a bad guy (or girl, or non-binary — we are inclusive here) to the ground easier.

You can check out the Miller Comp at Strike Industries. It’s available now, priced to move, and comes with the new Strike Industries Jam Nut. Tie this with your next build and it costs a lot less than an AR 15 lower parts kit.

Miller Comp Features

-Slender in size without sacrificing performance
-2 chamber design mitigates recoil
-Fits .750″ diameter gas block
-1/2″-28 TPI thread pitch
-For .223/5.56 caliber
-AISI 1144 black nitride steel

Strike Industries: Read more about ’em.

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