New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep


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New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep
Richard Kilgore

As you lift your throbbing head off the pillow sometime this afternoon, you may make that same promise to yourself that you’ve broken a thousand times before:

I’ll never drink like that again

Why do we make promises we can’t keep? Perhaps we have the best intentions at the time, but they’re usually forgotten once that second beer hits your hand come January 2nd.

There’s a long, historic tradition of making resolutions for the New Year. The Romans and Babylonians both did it, and different religions also have their own versions. We still do it today, and there’s no doubt those old Romans weren’t any better at keeping their resolutions than we are. New Years day itself is totally arbitrary and simply based on the Gregorian calendar, which we didn’t start using on this continent until 1752, some 170 years after our “modern” calendar was created (hence why George Washington has multiple birthdays).

Regardless of why this practice continues, continue it does. So this year instead of making some pie-in-the-sky resolutions, how about setting some goals that are closer to reality? Just like with that promise to never drink again, that fancy new gym membership will undoubtedly be dusty by March. Though certainly resolutions are all a personal decision, we do have some suggestions to help make you a more well-rounded and interesting person:

Show Consideration and Compassion to at least one new Shooter
As the idiom goes, first impressions can last a lifetime. Do yourself a favor and read this recent anecdote from Gorillafritz from Active Response Training.

Become More Lethal
Take on a new discipline. Used to short range? Go Long. Or vice versa. Try out a new shooting competition. Squeeze everything you can from your local range. Take advantage of the Trump election to stock up on ammunition. Perhaps consider some hand-to-hand. Get in better shape. If you’re actually serious about weight loss, this article by Larry Lindenman has helped many people we know.

Upgrade your Medical Training
Your First Aid merit badge from Boy Scouts was probably outdated by the time your mother sewed it to your sash. Because it’s reality-based, emergency medical training can change significantly in a short period of time. Learn to better keep blood inside the body.

Turn Your Arguments into a Discussion
The next time you’re going round-to-round on social media or in person with someone about politics or any other topic, try to actually listen to their arguments and offer actual counterpoints. Snide and dismissive remarks might make you feel good, but no one is learning or growing when exchanges devolve in that manner. Remember to vet your sources. This will also help you avoid the Echo Chamber.

Read a Good Book
Either a classic or a modern one–it doesn’t matter. Set aside some reading time if you don’t already. If you don’t like reading, try audiobooks. Though some purists may sneer at it, an unabridged audiobook is a great way to engage your mind while you’re performing tasks like yard or housework.

Learn to Cook a New Meal
And then serve it to someone. If it sucks, try it again and make it better. Also, if you’re in a single-kinda-way, the ability to produce edible food that doesn’t come from a microwave never hurts. If you don’t know where to start, check out this book; there’s an awful lot of science and trial and error put worked in.

Appreciate What You Have
..instead of focusing on what you don’t. And be grateful. This might mean being more mindful of your family–either the one you born into or one you’ve chosen for yourself. This might mean obsessing a little less about what others are doing. There will always be someone with more than you, and there will always be millions more with less.

Spend Less Money on Single Moms
LOL, just kidding with that last one.

-Swinging Dick

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richard_magazineAbout the Author: Richard “Swingin’ Dick” Kilgore is half of the most storied celebrity action figure team in the world (and the half that doesn’t prefer BBWs). He believes in American Exceptionalism, America, holding the door for any woman (lady or whore) and the idea that you should be held accountable for what comes out of your fucking mouth. Swingin’ Dick has been a warrior gyrovague for many years now and is, apparently, impossible to kill — he once had a complete body transplant after an IED hit the gun truck in which he was riding. True story, one of the Cav guys mailed his head and arm home. Swingin’ Dick comes from a long line of soldiers and LEOs (his Great Uncle commanded an Air Cav battalion in Vietnam and his many times removed great grandfather was one of the few original Burt Mossman era Arizona Rangers). Swingin’ Dick detests Joy Behar and Chris Matthews almost as much as he enjoys traveling the world to crush crime vice and evil. He believes the opportunity to lead eeeelight team of Breach Bang Clear minions is the most improbably awesome thing an action figure has ever done and he’s immensely proud of his perfect hair.

Loyalty and respect should start from the top down.

Breach Bang Clear Mad Duo Richard Swinging Dick Kilgore

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