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There are a lot of different monthly subscription boxes out there, for a wide array of pastimes: including angling. One of the best known of the latter is Lucky Tackle Box, a monthly subscription box for passionate fishermen & professional anglers. They have 3 different subscription options, each (as LTB puts it) “…bursting with baits, lures, and tackle from the industry’s best brands.”

You can select a box by species, and shipping is free in the United Stites.
LTB tackle box

Lucky Tackle Supply

(In their own words.)
Fish like a professional with Lucky Tackle Box – you’ll be the envy of all your friends! As of July 2019, we have NEW inventory and NEW management, and our boxes are better than ever. Trust us – Lucky Tackle Box is the only monthly subscription box you’ll ever want.
Now, let’s go fishing!



Fishing tackle monthly box




LTB tackle box

LTB tackle box

LTB tackle box; Kenders Outdoors.


Check out their fishing tips, too:

Here’s an example:

4 Tips for Bass Fishing

1. Learn the Spawning Habits on Your Water – Bass are creatures of habit and their biological functions dictate everything that they do. This is really apparent in the spring, as they make their migration to and from the areas where they mate and lay their eggs. Do some serious scouting on your local body of water, to find out whether they like coves, flats, marinas or other areas to do most of their spawning activity. Once you figure out the most common spawning grounds, you’ll be able to identify where they go after they get done spawning by identifying the primary and secondary ledges, points or drop offs that are close by.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Junk Fish

3. Look for Fry Guarders

4. Keep Moving Until You Have Success

Read the rest on the Lucky Tackle Box blog.


Lurker Shad from Lucky Tackle Box. PC @aheistad

Best fishing tackle selection - as defined by LTB

Best fishing tackle selection - as defined by LTB

Best fishing tackle selection - as defined by LTB


Here’s another:

Tackle Box Organization

“When you’re talking small pieces of terminal tackle, you know you’re in for a headache! Hooks, split rings, weights and all of those tiny components can get all over the place when you use traditional tackle systems. Well, FLW pro angler Miles Burghoff, has a fantastic solution to that problem. It’ll keep your breath fresh too!”  Lucky Tackle Box



Lucky Tackle’s Mission

Lucky Tackle Box describes their mission thusly:

It’s our mission to support ALL passionate anglers by delivering monthly boxes bursting with baits, lures, and tackle, while also providing education to empower anglers to maximize their luck on the water. Tight lines!


LTB tackle box contents

LTB tackle box contents


LTB tackle box contents

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Lucky Tackle Boxes.

Lucky Fishing Tackle

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