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April 23, 2015  
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Welcome to the world’s most prestigious institution of higher learning and tactical sesquipedalian studies, also known as the Online School of Big Words for Grunts and Other Knuckledraggers (or OSBWGOK, if you prefer the very handy acronym).

Here we know words there’s probably no reason to know. Here we pursue lexiphanic excellence, longiloquence, and pleionosis. 

Grunts: Lexiphanic. lex·​i·​phan·​ic | \ ¦leksə¦fanik \

Lexiphanic is the trait of somebody who uses bombastic or pretentious language. It apparently comes from the title of a dialogue that was composed by the Greek writer Lucian of Samosata (first century AD). See also redondite, bombastic, pretentious, and sesquipedalian (all excellent words in their own right!)

Pleionosis is the habit of exaggerating one’s own importance. Longiloquence is the action or habit of speaking at great or excessive length, usually unnecessarily. 

Words mean things! It’s very important to understand them. Crucial even.

beautiful blonde pursuing lexiphanic studies

You’re in trouble if she’s a narratophile and you’re an illiterate wretch. Photo by Loren Cutler


Now.  If you are reading this article (which was published at 15h64 Zulu Time) on April 23rd1 of any year, take a moment to wish William Shakespeare a happy birthday!

On to the Sciolism! 



Lexiphanic Sciolism













Cognoscenti   co·gno·scen·ti  /ˌkänyəˈSHentē,ˌkäɡnəˈSHentē/

Gamahuche  /ˈɡæməhuːʃ/

From the late 18th century; to perform oral sex, especially cunnilingus. Sources vary on whether this is a verb or a noun, but who cares, we’ve already spent more time on this than we should have. 



You’ll want to know this when you read our SIG P320 review.

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Incalescent     \ in-​kə-​ˈle-​sᵊnt \

Being in a state of incalescence. Increasing in heat or ardor.



The look she gives you when you don’t understand gamahuche or “tipping the velvet” (in the Victorian sense). Photo by Szabolcs Toth. 




Lascivious las·civ·i·ous  /ləˈsivēəs/ 

 (of a person, manner, or gesture) feeling or revealing an overt and often offensive sexual desire. See also libidinous, licentious, lewd, and lustful. Both our callipygian and bathykolpian articles are arguably lascivious (or perhaps salacious). 




This is pretty much a required word (and quality) to have if you’re going to read stuff by Aaron Cowan.


Noctivigant noc·​tiv·​a·​gant \ (ˈ)näk¦tivə̇gənt \

Going about in the nightnight-wandering. See also, nocturnal. 


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(Noun) A preference or special liking for something; a bias in favor of something.
pre·di·lec·tion /ˌpredlˈekSH(ə)n,ˌprēdlˈekSH(ə)n/, i.e. My predilection for MRE #2 Maple Sausage with Old Crow to wash it down. 


(Adjective) Impressively or remarkably noteworthy or great in extent, size, or degree. Used in a sentence, The curvy redhead had a prodigious bosom. 



You may be forgiven if you believe that’s what we’re doing when talking about the SIG P320. We’re not.


Salacious  sa·la·cious   /səˈlāSHəs/

(Adjective) Salacious indicates or conveys an inappropriate, undue, or unseemly interest in sexual matters.

Sciolism   sci·​o·​lism   \ˈsī-ə-ˌli-zəm \

A superficial show of scholarship, pretentious in attitude.

Sciuridae Sci·​uri·​dae| \ -rəˌdē \

The family name for sciuromorph rodents: like squirrels. It is important to know this word if you’re going to watch a squirrel video or wear a Secret Squirrel shirt.


It’s our chosen method of talking about good tactical pen options.


If you know this word, you’ll know whereof Kim speaks in her Trijicon Accupoint review. 



1 See what we did there?


Mad Duo

Mad Duo

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