Our Thoughts on World War Z

There were a lot of things wrong with the World War Z (the book), but..pretty much everybody we know under the rank of E-5 read it on deployment or pump, so they better not screw it up. Yeah, we know, it doesn’t look like they follow the plot of the book at all but we can hope right?

Maybe in the movie they’ll remember you can run over zombies with tanks and IFVs instead of relegating (grunts: relegate) armor to a useless role like the book did (though the way Brooks described the military’s inability to contain the zombies in a way that really captured a sense of futility). Frankly, we think the movie roger up and be a good watch. We just don’t think it will be a good portrayal of the novel, and that’s okay with us.

Your thoughts on the book and the trailer? It’s okay. We graciously grant you permission to speak your mind.



Mad Duo, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!

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