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Nicholas Clesceri

We stopped by the Caracal USA booth today at the show, and they had some pretty cool stuff to offer. A company which started out overseas has now adapted a parent company here in the USA, based in Idaho. Everything through Caracal USA is manufactured in the U.S., which makes dealing and servicing easy and convenient.

The first thing to catch my eye was their line of polymer pistols. They offer a variety of colors including FDE.

The slide profile is low and is manufactured to have a low-bore axis, which causes less muzzle movement and makes front sight acquisition easy. The grip has an enhanced beavertail making for a better seat on the firearm as well. Another notable feature on these firearms is the quick sight setup. Picking up your front sight is extremely fast with this setup, and transitions are done with ease without compromising front sight loss and placement.

Caracal USA has also implemented an LE/Military program. They are big supporters, and offer these pistols starting at $399. They have various sight setups available from the quick sights to elevated sights for cans, standard sights, and night sights. The trigger pull is crisp and not too heavy.

I also took a look at their rifles. The DI standard rifle which has a locking bolt feature to prevent blowback and damage to the shooter in the event of a barrel blockage or squib round being stuck in the barrel.

Instead of the gas blowing the bolt back it secures in place and forces the gas down the barrel. You may get some barrel bulge but nothing is going to blow up in your face. Another interesting feature is in their SBR series, where an adjustable gas piston system has been implemented. It’s quickly adjustable and has three different settings.

This is pretty unique, and I have not seen this type of system anywhere else for the AR platform. They have some good LE/Military packages as well for rifles, which can have an optic worked into the package. Go check them out online!


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SHOT Show 2018

This SHOT Show 2018 SHOTREP has been brought to you by the eeeee-light writin’ team at Breach-Bang-Clear. You’re welcome. Why are we focusing so much attention on SHOT, you ask? Is the NSSF SHOT Show that important, you wonder?

Is a pig’s ass pork?

The National Shooting Sports Foundation annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade show may be just one of many conventions in Vegas, (as you can see by checking out Vegas Means Business), but it’s definitely the most important one in our world…well, unless you count the AVNs. Besides, as we’ve explained (NSSF SHOT Show 2018 Approacheth), this year is SHOT’s 40th anniversary — meaning it’s damned near as old as the most seasoned dancer at Nancy’s Squat ‘n’ Gobble! (We’re not entirely sure how old Industry Day at the Range, or as it’s also called, Media Day at the Range, really is.)

Regardless — we’ll be providing industry press releases and lots more from the floor. There’s damn sure gonna be a lot to talk about.

You can find all our SHOT Show 2018 articles in the SHOT Show 40th Anniversary lineup.

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Breach Bang Clear is the warrior scholar's choice for commentary and analysis of national and international events, gun news, tactical industry news, and of course gear reviews. The warrior scholar’s choice for analysis of national and international events, gun news, updates from the tactical community, and gear reviews.