Ballistic brew: Guncraft Beer

gun craft beer
| January 25, 2018
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Gun Craft Beer – this SHOTREP is one of our favorites. Because beer. 

With their debut at SHOT show last year, Gun Craft Beer has delivered a unique perspective to the tactical beer market. Started by Lou and Dave Selvaggio (also the founder and owner of DSArms Inc.) in 2015, they worked closely with a long-experienced brewmaster to come up with four flavor profiles that were not only delicious but signified something unique. For instance, the 2nd Amendment Red IPA was brewed with hearts and minds, in honor of all the patriots who shed blood for our country. They made this beer as red as they could for this reason. They are a huge suporter of military, police, and first responders.



Their other beers are associated with various firearms, such as the FAL Belgian Style Black Ale. This beer boasts a complex flavor with a sultry dark color and tons of toasted malt. I can personally attest that this beer is not just another gimmick item on the tactical market. They truly feel passionate about their beer and the product they produce, and the beer is truly amazing.

I had a chance to check out the brewing process for their Tactical American Pale Ale a little while back, and it was pretty impressive to hear their story and see the amount of work that went in to each style of beer. Gun Craft is also a huge fan of music and recently teamed up with Anthrax to begin distributing their product. I can’t say enough good things about these guys, so be sure to check out the full-length article about them next month to hear about my trip to the brewery. As Lou says, salute the red, white and blue, and freedom you can taste!

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