Franklin Armory Binary Trigger: 2 of ’em, in fact

franklin bfs3
| January 23, 2018
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Two New Binary Triggers from Franklin Armory

Mike the Mook

Franklin Armory unleashed a pair of new Binary Triggers for two relatively uncommon firearms: Bushmaster’s ACR and B & T’s APC9. A binary trigger is one that fires one shot on pull and a second one on release. If you can work your booger hook quick on the bang switch, it almost seems like full auto fire. Of course in actuality it is not nearly that fast, it only seems like it. We’ve been running a Franklin BFS 3 (Binary Firing System) in one of our ARs for a while, but it’s always nice to see them branch out to other types of firearms.

One of the weapons that now has a binary trigger option, the ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle), started life as the Magpul Masada. After Magpul briefly lost interest in being a rifle maker they sold the design to Bushmaster in 2008.

Bushmaster ACR

The Bushmaster ACR is gas operated, semi-automatic rifle of modular design. It utilizes an aluminum alloy upper receiver with polymer pistol grip, trigger, and magazine housing (lower receiver) unit which attaches to the upper receiver using cross pins. It is available for the civilian market in 5.56×45mm NATO and 6.8mm Remington SPC. Other aftermarket caliber conversions are also available. Because the trigger/manual safety unit is made as a single removable item and mostly utilizes AR-15 compatible parts, Franklin found this to be an easy trigger to develop without much investment in new machinery. We had to say we almost preferred the ACR to our beloved AR platform, especially with the BFS 3.


The B&T (formerly Brügger & Thomet) APC9 (Advanced Police Carbine) is a bit different from the ACR. This design was based on the Steyr TMP with design cues from the H&K UMP. However, the trigger system is closer to an AR than an HK.


We fired both firearms with the BFS 3 at a private range event last weekend. While the standard B&T APC9 intrigued us for a while we dismissed it, as the only 9mm type carbines we have use for have a happy switch. But Franklin’s BFS3 is perfect in this role, and we didn’t want to stop shooting. An SBR stamp or Brace coupled with the BFS 3 makes for a much cheaper alternative to a full auto 9mm SMG.

It really says something when a trigger or any accessory makes you want to buy a firearm just so that you can install it.


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