FN SCAR 17S Accessories and Upgrades

SCAR 17S Accessories FDE upgrades
October 27, 2020  
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For years, the FN SCAR 17s was at the top of the list of guns I wanted to own. I wanted a .308 or 7.62×51 NATO, a semiautomatic rifle that was reliable, accurate, and lightweight to serve as a medium-range battle rifle.

After doing a lot of research, the FN SCAR 17S  was it. At the time, I wanted to lower the number of guns I owned to keep a streamlined collection of only guns I really wanted (it’s now grown back beyond since then). I sold a bunch of guns that were not used a lot in order to pay for the high price tag of the SCAR 17S. I sold my M1A, HK USC, and a few others to cover the cost. Back in 2015 when I bought my SCAR 17S, it was around $2,500, which is still a lot of money for me to throw into a rifle. Today, it’s going for over $3,000!

The version I got was in FDE…for those who don’t follow…FDE is the tan color finish on firearms, it stands for Flat Dark Earth. The stock FDE SCAR comes mismatched in at least three to four different shades with the upper receiver, lower, stock, and grip all different from another. That gave me the whole idea and inspiration to start my Instagram page @fiftyshadesoffde, which has grown into a huge following. The expensive SCAR 17S is fully functional out of the box with excellent iron sights and is very capable as is. However, it’s not perfect and I needed to add many more shades to mine. Here’s the rundown on the various SCAR 17 accessories I added.


I’ll go over all the after-market parts on my particular setup in the same fashion my friend Mike aka Garand Thumb does his reviews-from tip to butt and in this case, Ugg Boot.

Muzzle device: Surefire SOCOM Muzzle Brake MB762.

There’s nothing wrong with the PWS Muzzle Brake that comes stock from the factory but I wanted the ability to cover the blast with the Surefire Warden to make it a nicer experience for those around me since brakes are brutal for everyone near you.

SCAR 17S Accessories: Surefire SOCOM Muzzle Brake MB762

Muzzle Devices for Sale


Lookin’ for a muzzle device for sale? Here ya go!

Rail extension: Kinetic Development Group MREX (Gen1).

One of the shortcomings (and there are definitely a few) on the SCAR platform is the length of the rail. That is if you don’t plan on shortening the barrel, which is why the rail is as short as it is. I wanted more rail length to avoid getting the harsh “SCAR thumb” from the reciprocating charging handle and to add accessories further up. The MREX is by far the best-looking rail extension and one of the lightest available.

SCAR 17S accessories: Kinetic Development Group MREX

Rail Systems for Sale


Lookin’ for a rail system for sale? Here ya go!

Angled foregrip: True North Concepts Gripstop. Embrace the radius.

The angled foregrip in the image above is attached to the MREX and gives me a reference point for my support hand to go to that puts it where I naturally like to hold, away from the charging handle. It also acts as a stable brace against barricades for supported shooting positions.

Grips for Sale


Lookin’ for a foregrip for sale? Here ya go!

Optic: Primary Arms Platinum 1-8×24 ACSS.

The SCAR 17s notorious for destroying optics and mine did exactly that to one of my scopes I first had on it. The Primary Arms Platinum 1-8×24 ACSS is an excellent optic with clear glass and is ruggedized. Read my review.

SCAR 17S - Primary Arms Platinum 1-8x24 ACSS

Optics for Sale


Lookin’ for an optic for sale? Here ya go! 

Mount: Aero Precision Ultralight 34mm Scope Mount.

The Aero Precision mount is very light and low profile, it isn’t a quick detach so it is here to stay as an optic system on my SCAR and I am okay with that.

SCAR 17S Optic Primary Arms Platinum 1-8x24 ACSS and Aero Precision Ultralight 34mm Scope Mount

Mount Rail for Sale


Lookin’ for a mount for sale? Here ya go!

Weapon Light: Cloud Defensive REIN.

I put the new REIN in as a dedicated WML. Use code: 50shades for 10% off!

SCAR 17S accessory weapon mounted light Cloud Defensive REIN

Lower: Stryker Enterprises SEAL Mk3 Mod 0.

The upper on the SCAR is the registered firearm, unlike the AR platform. The stock lower is polymer and there have been issues with some of them cracking with use within the Special Operations community. I personally never had an issue with mine. I got lucky and won the Stryker Enterprises SEAL Mk3 Mod 0 billet lower in a giveaway so it’s on my SCAR. It’s black, I did ask if I could swap it with a FDE one…but it wasn’t possible. It matches the PA Platinum scope, so I went with a two-tone look.

SCAR 17S upgrade: Stryker Enterprises SEAL Mk3 Mod 0

The fit and finish is much more refined and fits tighter to the upper receiver than the stock lower ever did. This version takes the standard SCAR 17 magazine and that’s perfect for me because I’ve got a ton of them. They do make one that takes 7.62×51 PMAGs. The magwell is beveled making reloads that much easier. Overall it is a much improved lower.

Lowers for Sale


Lookin’ for a lower for sale? Here ya go!

Bolt control: Parker Mountain Machine Battery Control Device (BCD).

I always like to add these levers to my ARs and it’s no different with the SCAR. The BCD is sturdy and adds an additional shade of FDE.

SCAR 17S accessories, Parker Mountain Machine Battery Control Device

Selector: Kinetic Development Group/Radian Weapons Talon.

I let the guys at Recoil Magazine borrow my FN SCAR 17S for their article on the release of this product and they left it on when I got it back. It can have either a 45° or 90° throw. I like it at 45° and is an improvement compared to the stock option.

SCAR 17S Accessories - Kinetic Development Group/Radian Weapons Talon

Selectors for Sale


Lookin’ for a selector for sale? Here ya go!

Sling: Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling in Multicam Arid.

Vickers sling, need I say anymore? It works well and I got to have Larry Vickers sign it for me when I met him for the first time at SHOT Show.

SCAR 17 Accessories: Sling: Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling in Multicam Arid.

Sling Retention: Neo Mag Sentry Strap.

This is my favorite of all the retention devices out there. It uses neodymium magnets to hold the folded up sling until you need it. Just pull on your sling and that’s it. No need to mess with the strap! Yes, rubber bands work but these are worth it.

SCAR 17S Neo Mag Sentry Strap

Gun Sling for Sale


Lookin’ for a sling for sale? Here ya go!

Stock: Ugg Boot.

Here we are, at the Ugg Boot. It works just fine with an adjustable comb for the cheek rest. I do have the Kinetic Development Group SAS stock, which is easy to swap out so I use them both depending on what I need.

SCAR 17S accessories - Ugg Boot.

The FN SCAR 17S definitely lives up to my expectations.

I can run it on 1x well and use it as intended as a Battle Rifle. However, it is much heavier than most of my AR platforms. I would rather run and gun with the AR for that type of role and keep the SCAR 17s for stationary use. If I had to run with it, I totally can and it will be very effective and reliable.

FN Scar 17S at the range

FN SCAR 17S at the Firing Range

Range Day with FN SCAR 17S doing close range drills.

Range Day running the SCAR in close-range drills.

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Fifty Shades of FDE

Fifty Shades of FDE

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