Kim Heath

[row] [column one-half] [widgetkit id=2] [/column] [column one-half] A native of Themyscira, Kim Heath is a veteran LEO from Illinois (not Chicago – she hates Chicago) and the Vice President of the Women’s Tactical Association. She’s currently in a training billet, is an accomplished competitive shooter and instructs at a regional LEO training facility. A Hello Kitty fangurl, backpacker and crossfit fiend, she’s smoking hawt and likes to fight (which is one of the cute little things we love about her). In short, she is more woman than you will ever have and more man than you will ever be. [button color href=”evaluation-team.html”]Back to Writing and Evaluation Team[/button] [/column] [/row]

Ell P

[row] [column one-half] [widgetkit id=4] [/column] [column one-half] Ellen Pucciarelli is Breach-Bang-Clear’s resident warrior princess. She’s a mom and a civilian without LE or military background who began learning to fight in order to defend and improve herself overall. She’s the perfect example of a trained, armed and educated responsible armed citizen. An acupuncturist and herbalist by trade (no shit), she can often be found wearing a pashmina and reciting poetry at the Cafe Roads with Charlie McKenzie to the sound of snapping fingers. Note: she enoys both yoga (there’s a surprise) and the martial arts will happily use the pashmina as a garrote. [button color href=”evaluation-team.html”]Back to Writing and Evaluation Team[/button] [/column] [/row]


[row] [column one-half] [widgetkit id=3] [/column] [column one-half] Aaron (Breach-Bang-COWAN!) is an idiot savant of the tactical variety from a little place we like to call Hotlanta. He is the Lead Instructor and HMFIC of program development for Sage Dynamics who believes every article should be roughly the equivalent of a doctoral thesis. To call him thorough would be to damn him with faint praise. We call him COWAN! because anything in all caps with an exclamation point after it must be awesome. A former infantryman turned PSC contractor and LEO, COWAN! has served in several SWAT and training billets. Sage Dynamics is a reality-focused firearms and tactics training company that provides practical instruction for the civilian, police and military professional. It is also based in Hotlanta. He is also the author of the novel Rushing Winter. [button color href=”evaluation-team.html”]Back to Writing and Evaluation Team[/button] [/column] [/row]

Brad Walker

[row] [column one-half] [widgetkit id=1] [/column] [column one-half] Brad Walker is a former enlisted man (NCO) who became an officer without going to the dark side (WO). ‘Mad Duo Brad’ is an Army Aviation veteran who drives Apaches for a living (and is a privately licensed rotary wing aircraft pilot). He’s an excellent background in SERE and trauma/casualty care and may or may not be Danny McBride’s evil twin. Walker is as fond of girls who give good helmet as he is of going Ludicrous Speed. [button color href=”evaluation-team.html”]Back to Writing and Evaluation Team[/button] [/column] [/row]

Brian Montgomery

[row] [column one-half] [widgetkit id=7] [/column] [column one-half] A pipe-hitter in the fine tradition of Ulysses Everett McGill (with perhaps a dash of Mr. Parker thrown in), Breach-Bang-Brian would rather buy his ammunition from Morris & Sons and pay eleventy times the non retarded price there than shop at Wal-Mart for bullets. This is because as the HMFIC of the BB&C Metrotactical Division we fully expect him to maintain certain appearances and standards. Despite his Tier One sartorial eloquence and apoplectic response to jean shorts, Brian Montgomery is the sort of hair-product-using fellow who is welcome in the company of skilled face-shooters and other assorted knuckle-draggers. He was a LEO for 2 decades, working everything from counter-narcotics to gang enforcement, probation & parole and of course patrol. He was a firearms instructor (and still is) with an uncanny ability to suborn intel from even the most recalcitrent tweakers, homicide suspects…

Daniel Barak

[row] [column one-half] [widgetkit id=5] [/column] [column one-half] Daniel Barak (a pseudonym) is currently a Miluimnik (mill-oo-im-nick) with the IDF. He wears a red beret when not in a Mitzfenet, holds a black belt in Jewjitsu and prefers single dancing moms to Manot Krav. After Basic Training at Sanuur he went to Chamaam for advanced training, then on to jump school at Tel Nof. As part of the IDF Para Brigade he was on active service during the Second Intifada and Mivtza Homat Magen (Operation Defensive Shield) as well as the Second Lebanon War. He once completed the Masa Kumta without any pants on to prove a point and is frankly way too pretty to have been a proper grunt (maybe even better looking than Wilber). He may nor may not keep his pin in his shoe, but never EVER danced to Kesha in Hebron. [button color href=”evaluation-team.html”]Back to Writing…

Only YOU can keep the Army safe

This epic new t-shirt design is from the patriotic if somewhat sociopathic minds behind US Army WTF Moments on Facebook. They just got the design back from their designer and they want to know if there would be enough interest to print them. To that question we respond with, "Don't be fucktarded USAWTFM. You just put your kids through college, or at least made yourselves a couple weeks worth of singles for the booger bar off base." The belt WILL be reflective. Hopefully they will make them in sizes ranging from toddling spawn size to waddling dependapotomus and everyone in between. No word on whether or not they'll be making "road guard hoodies" later in the year. More to follow.   If you aren't following us on Facebook, come check out our Breach-Bang-Clear page. We're hilarious, insightful, perspicacious, precocious, humble and so damn good looking it should be illegal. In…

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