88 Tactical Range and Readiness Center


88 Tactical has pumped out one hell of a Guntry club. The Range and Readiness Center located in Papillion, Nebraska has a little bit of everything including a dash of exclusivity.

The grand opening was attended by many who were eager to see what the giant facility offers.

The 88 Tactical Range and Readiness Center has a cafe called the Ammo Box where you can grab a bite to eat between range sessions. The cafe even includes Nebraska’s first Jones Soda cane sugar fountain pop machine.

In that picture you can also see the pro shop to the right to get you geared up with kit, guns and swag. They even have a gunsmith on site to help you diagnose any issues you might be having.

If rope work is more your thing they have something for you. They have a beginner wall as well as a large tower to rappel from.

If you’re looking for something a bit more private you can join the Founders Club which gets you access to private ranges, private bar with food service. Being a Founders Club member also gets you deep discounts and a bunch of other good stuff you can read about here. You also get a nice goodie box like the one below when you become a member.


Eat, drink, shoot, fight, learn, and defy gravity; the 88 Tactical Range and Readiness Center has a bit of everything. If you’re in the area you have to check it out. You can read more here, or check out 88 Tactical’s Facebook and Instagram to see what they’re up to.


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