Dual-Force Multi-Tool from Gerber

Gerber Dual Force pliers in action
May 1, 2024  
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The Gerber Dual Force multi-tool can complete a multitude of tasks with over a dozen built-in gadgets It’s not a big surprise there; that’s what multi-tools do. But this one seems like it might do so just a little better than many of its cousins. This particular design was a big part of Gerber’s “2022 multi-tool drop”; reviews since then seem to validate that effort. 

Gerber Dual Force

Gerber Dual Force Design

This article was originally published on 06/07/22 but has since been updated.

Gerber advises they sought to provide a reliable and durable multi-tool with two times the grip force and two times stronger jaws than competitors. Their center-axis technology utilized on the Center-Drive, a previous multi-tool by Gerber, is also present on the Dual-Force. 

Geber Dual Force

The center-axis technology allows the Center-Axis bit driver to function as an actual screwdriver, providing maximum torque and rotation. In fact, with add-ons like this, the case for replacing your toolbox at home only increases.

The butterfly handle design allows Gerber to boast a 47% narrower handspan on the Gerber Dual-Force compared to competitors. Consequently, this allows for a better hand grip and control of the tool. The construction jaws have a dual-position slip-lock design that allows for readjustment to whatever task you are doing without sacrificing grip strength. 

Gerber Dual-Force Features

The Dual-Force multi-tool comes equipped with:

  • Blunt nose layered construction jaws
  • Small fastener pliers
  • Regular pliers
  • Adjustable, two-size slip joint saw
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire stripper
  • 3.25″ plain edge blade
  • 3.35″ center-drive axis tech
  • Saw
  • Fine/coarse file
  • Chisel edge
  • #1 and #2 cross drive
  • Medium flathead driver
  • 8in/20cm ruler
  • Lanyard hole
  • Fabric sheath

As listed above, the outboard additions for the Dual-Force include the blade, saw, file, and driver. Therefore, due to how the multi-tool is constructed, these outboard tools are easily accessed without unfolding the pliers. All of these tools contribute to its usefulness in any manner of situations you may find yourself in. 

Over a dozen tools available

There is also extra storage built into the Gerber Dual-Force for bits that you may want to add. 

The fabric sheath included with the multi-tool is stylish and can be fitted vertically or horizontally around a belt line. Nevertheless, Measuring .84 inches wide and 4.65 inches long, with a weight of 12oz, the Dual-Force stays compact while providing plenty of utility and lots of choices to pick from.

Locking outboard tools on the multi-tool

Final Thoughts

This is directly from the Gerber website:

“For tough jobs, it’s often easier to head back to the toolbox for a proper set of pliers—until now. The Dual-Force isn’t your average multi-tool, boasting layered construction to provide 2x the jaw strength and 2x the force to manhandle any task put in front of it. The adjustable 2-position slip joint jaw and extra-large teeth grasp firmly onto a variety of fasteners and apply unparalleled control. Additional features include a center-axis bit driver, plain edge knife blade, fine/coarse file, saw, and additional bit storage.”

Gerber Dual Force pliers in action

At a relatively low price point, the Gerber Dual-Force multi-tool appears to be worth the money. 


Dual Force for Sale

tactical Lookin’ for an Dual Force for sale? Here ya go!

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