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2011 Magazine
May 20, 2024  
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The 1911 platform has been around for a long time, and since one of the frequent complaints about it was the lack of capacity. Para Ordnance first created a double-stack 1911 in 1989, but they didn’t catch on until well into the 2000s. You need mags if you’re one of the many hand gunners to get into the 2011 craze—or the double-stack 1911, depending on what the brand is calling it—defintelty more than one 2011 magazine. We’re here to help. Check out our top 11 magazines for 2011, in no particular order.

2011 magazine

Stacatto 16 Round 9mm Magazine

We have to mention Stacatto right off because the manufacturer, formerly known as STI Tactical, designs and manufactures some seriously top-tier pistols and magazines. The Stacatto 16-round 9mm magazine is an excellent example of the company’s craftsmanship and quality. It’s made from 410 stainless steel, which is a martensistic stainless steel typically utilized for parts that will be strenuously used and stressed. In addition, it’s corrosion-resistant and offers fantastic hardness.

Stacatto 16 Round 9mm Magazine

The Stacatto 16 Round 9mm Magazine has a 16-round capacity, as its name suggests. It’s specifically made for Stacatto 2011 handguns and features the company’s Gen 2 Follower and Dawson Precision Tactical Advantage Base Pad. MSRP for the Stacatto 16 Round 9mm Magazine is $69.99.

MBX Defender

Another manufacturer known for high-end magazines is MBX, and their Defender line of double-stack magazines is well worth adding to your collection. According to MBX, these mags are meant explicitly for self-defense and duty use and are compatible with a wide array of 2011-style handguns, including Stacatto, Cosaint Arms, Nighthawk, and Atlas. Magazines are available with either a stainless steel or black nitride stainless steel body. Capacity varies between 19 and 22 rounds. And while the Defender line is made for 9mm, MBX does have other magazines for various calibers.

MBX Defender

The MBX Defender line is known for durability and dependable performance. In addition to the aforementioned offerings, there’s also a model available for the shorter base of the Stacatto C2, certain Cosaints, and the STI Short Grip VIP.

MSRP for the MBX Defender varies by specific design but starts at $109.99.

Mec-Gar Armscor/Rock Island Double Stack & Para Ordnance P14.45 ACP 14-Round

This magazine is geared for the original double stack, the Para Ordnance P14.45. It’s also compatible with a few others, but it’s always good to see you can still get magazines for long-time guns. As its name says, this magazine is for the 45 ACP, and it has a 14-round capacity, which does qualify as a double stack for that particular caliber. 

Mec-Gar Armscor/Rock Island Double Stack

This Mec-Gar magazine features an anti-friction coating for reliable function, a high-impact polymer follower for durability, and a heat-treated carbon steel tube. The spring is made using high-tensile music wire, and the floorplate is made from high-impact polymer.

The MSRP for the Mec-Gar Armscor/Rock Island Double Stack & Para Ordnance P14.45 ACP 14-Round magazine is $38.15.

Atlas Gunworks 20 Round 40 Smith & Wesson Premium Magazine

If you’re a competitor using the 2011 platform, odds are you have a 40 Smith & Wesson in your safe. The Atlas Gunworks 20 Round 40 Smith & Wesson Premium Magazine for Competition is designed specifically for matches and is listed as fitting the Stacatto, 2011, and 1911 double stacks. This mag features improved internal dimensions for even greater reliability and has an Atlas competition follower and spring. It’s offered with a stainless steel or black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) finish. Base pads are also available in various colors.

Atlas Gunworks 20 Round 40 Smith & Wesson Premium Magazine

This magazine has a 20-round capacity and is designed for compatibility with all modular grip double-stack handguns.  MSRP for the Atlas Gunworks 20 Round 40 Smith & Wesson Premium Magazine (Competition) is set at $109.99.

Springfield Armory 1911 DS 26-Round Double Stack Magazine, 9mm

This 9mm magazine from Springfield Armory is a serious double-stack design with an impressive 26-round capacity. Aside from compatibility with the Springfield 1911 DS, this mag is listed as also working with the Stacatto 2011. The mag has a black finish and is designed for longevity and consistent function. It also has a base pad with angled grooves in the sides for a firm grip during magazine changes.

According to Springfield, this magazine is legal for the USPSA Open Division. The body is made from stainless steel, and the base pad is a polymer. MSRP for the Springfield Armory 1911 DS 26-Round Double Stack Magazine, 9mm, is set at $60.00.

Wilson Combat EDC X9 Magazine, 18 Rounds

If you have a Wilson Combat EDC X9, this is the magazine for you. It’s a 9mm, 18-round magazine explicitly designed for the EDC X9 (although it’s also compatible with variants of the EDC X9, SFX9, SFT9, eXperior double stacks, and the AR-9X). The double-stack 1911 is Wilson Combat’s answer to the call for a higher-capacity 1911 platform pistol, and it delivers on every count. This magazine has the largest capacity currently available for this gun. 

Wilson Combat EDC X9 Magazine, 18 Rounds

This magazine has hardened carbon steel tubes, removable polymer base pads, witness holes, and a red polymer follower. Base pads are designed to facilitate rapid magazine changes. MSRP for the Wilson Combat EDC X9 Magazine, 18-rounds, is set at $37.56.

Dawson Precision Magazine for Stacatto CS 9mm, 15-Round

You might have noticed a lot of Stacatto-friendly magazines on this list, and that’s because they’re one of the manufacturers best known for their 2011 design. This Dawson Precision Magazine for the Stacatto CS 9mm has a stainless steel housing, witness holes, and a bright orange follower. As stated in its name, it has a 15-round capacity, which is fantastic for what is essentially a Commander-size 1911.

Dawson Precision Magazine for Stacatto CS 9mm, 15-Round

The magazine has a polymer base plate that is reliable and smooth and makes it easier to change mags. Witness holes are placed at 5, 10, and 15 rounds. This is not an extended magazine. The MSRP for the Dawson Precision Magazine for Stacatto CS 9mm, 15-round is $69.99.

Alchemy Custom Weaponry 2011 20 Round Magazine

The Alchemy Custom Weaponry 2011 20-Round Magazine is designed to be compatible with the Quantico HiCap and the Stacatto 2011 series. It’s made for 9mm and has various features meant to make it reliable and durable. This magazine has a stainless steel body and black polymer base plate, the latter of which is included to give the user a better grip during mag changes. It does have witness holes, and the factory follower is black.

It’s important for magazine to feed reliable and to be designed to be anti-friction for smoother mag changes, and that’s what this Alchemy Custom Weaponry model offers. This is a well-made, rugged magazine made to stand up to serious use. MSRP for the Alchemy Custom Weaponry 2011 20 Round Magazine is set at $89.99.

Check-Mate Magazines Stacatto 2011 Style Mag 9mm

This magazine from Check-Mate fits the Stacatto 2011 series of handguns and the Springfield Prodigy 1911 DS. According to the manufacturer, this is an OEM magazine made from American milled steel. It’s offered as either a 17-round or 20-round model. The mag body is stainless steel and the follower is designed to be anti-friction and self-lubricating for the best possible performance on the range. 

Check-Mate Magazines Stacatto 2011 Style Mag 9mm

According to the manufacturer these magazines are created to be exceptionally high performance and have fantastic spring endurance. Polymer base plates are made to be easy to grip during mag manipulations. MSRP for the Check-Mate Magazines Stacatto 2011 Style Mag 9mm is set at $64.99.

Masterpiece Arms DS9 Magazine

This is a bit of a two-fer because although it’s marketed under Masterpiece Arms, it’s made by MBX. This magazine is designed for the company’s DS9, which is a double-stack, but according to Masterpiece Arms, it is also compatible with other double-stack 9mm 2011/1911 platform pistols. It has a standard wide body and has a 17-round capacity. This magazine has a rugged stainless steel body, a high-tensile spring, and a polymer follower designed to be anti-tilt. The base plate is a black polymer and is removable.

Masterpiece Arms DS9 Magazine

There are a few versions of this mag offered, including a 126mm LB Squared, 126mm IDPA/IPSC LB Angled, 141mm Comp Square, and 141mm LB Square. MSRP for the Masterpiece Arms DS9 Magazine varies by specific details but starts at $121.99.

Staccato 2011 Double Stack Magazine, 10mm, 15 round

We have to include a 10mm magazine because they just might be some of the greatest double-stacks on the market. This mag has a 410 stainless steel body, meaning it’s awesomely corrosion-resistant and designed for superior durability. It’s specifically made for Staccato 2011 handguns. Features of this magazine include a Dawson Precision Tactical Advantage Base Pad and a Gen 2 follower. This is a 126mm length magazine that’s designed for a flush fit in a full-size grip. And, of course, it’s created for rapid magazine changes and reliable feeding.

Staccato 2011 Double Stack Magazine, 10mm, 15 round

This Staccato magazine is durable, rugged, and made for hard use. It’s made for 10mm, has a 15-round capacity, and boasts a variety of features meant to extend its life and deliver a consistent performance. MSRP for the Staccato 2011 Double Stack Magazine, 10mm, 15-round, is set at $89.99.

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