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Team Wendy prob’ly needs little introduction here, but we’ll give you the rundown anyhoo.


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Team Wendy helmets have a great reputation.

Team Wendy Helmet (s)

They’ve been making brain buckets and ballistic lids for a long time now, and they don’t limit themselves to tactical helmets either (though that’s their main focus). They also make helmet accessories.

ballistic helmets by Team Wendy

Team Wendy EXFIL

This is their “flagship” helmet – we’re betting many of you reading this have either worn one or who at least have friends who have.

Team Wendy EXFIL

Team Wendy Rescue Helmet

These are for mounting NVGs or cameras while simultaneously keeping you from scrambling your grey matter – and they’re good at both. They won’t keep someone from shooting a hole in your head though, so dress appropriately.

A rescue helmet with ski patrol

Bump helmet by Team Wendy

More about ’em: 

TW is a family-owned company dedicated to providing exceptional head protection systems for those who risk their lives every day. Thoughtfully designed from the inside out, their helmet systems ensure an optimal combination of comfort and protection that allows the wearer to focus not on their helmet, but on the mission at hand. Founded in 1997, the Cleveland-based company places a strong focus on the prevention of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in honor of the company’s namesake Wendy Moore, who died tragically from a TBI following a ski accident. Steadfast in their dedication to the pursuit of improving head protection research, design, and development, TW brings more choice, better technology, and reliable customer service to the Team military, law enforcement, and search and rescue operators worldwide.

Where to get ’em:

On Tactical Distributors.

At Optics Planet.

On Amazon.

At US Elite Gear.

combat helmets (TW)

Find Team Wendy on Linked In; they’re on the ‘Gramz at @teamwendy1 and on Facebook, /TeamWendy1/.

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