Iron Forged Concepts SARA – for your helmet and ear pro

Reconciling helmets and ear pro is a pain in the ass, whether on the range or bimbling down the street in some shithole on the Horn of Africa. For that matter it’s problematic even if you’re just trying to protect that one special window licker in your life from listening to MSNBC while he bumps his forehead against the glass. This new adapter kit from Iron Forged Concepts looks like it may be a great way to solve the discombobulation.

Grunts: discombobulation is a real word.

The SARA (Sordin Arc Rail Adapter) is made in the USA by IFC in the frigid northlands of Plymouth, MI (on Googlemaps it appears to be somewhere near the Arctic Circle). The SARAs allow you to modify an MSA Sordin and attach them to your rail-equipped helmet (Team Wendy, OPS CORE, etc.). The advantages to this are pretty obvious to us – you can wear the ear pro right on your helmet rather than dick around with the ear pro and the helmet at the same time. The only potential disadvantage we see is that you’re dedicating expensive ear pro to your helmet permanently. That means you’ll need a second set for when you’re just chillin’ on the range in ballcap or beanie.

Here is a great tutorial on how to install them from Firelance Media. For those of you who recognize the narrator from your 1-900 phone sex calls – don’t worry about it. Focus on what he’s saying, not the shame the memory of that voice evokes.

Buy yours here or at least check them out on Facebook. Great idea from Iron Forged Concepts, great images from Firelance (or so we think).

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang & CLEAR!

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