Visiting the Flight 93 Memorial

September 3, 2016  
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Visiting the Flight 93 Memorial

Tim the Russian

Everybody remembers that day. Where they were, what they were doing. Every detail.

I learned of the September 11th attacks walking out of a hotel bathroom, with a toothbrush in my mouth. The room had a very small tube TV, 25” at most. There was a small round table in front of the TV. I remember every detail of that room just like I remember every detail of that day. The breakfast I did not eat. The look on peoples faces. Emergency vehicle convoys. Groups of police vehicles huddles together, with officers just outside, watching the sky.

If you go outside and look up, no matter where you are, there are contrails. During morning hours it is typical to have over 3000 aircraft in the airspace above United States. If you are by a large city, you will see many, if you are in the desert of Nevada, you will see a few. But the airplanes, like stars at night, are always there.

Not on that day. The sky on that sad day became empty.

Unknown to anybody, an incredible story of heroism was unfolding aboard one of the only airplanes still in the air. Flight 93 just made a sharp turn in the skies of Ohio and began its deadly track towards our capital. There is nothing I can write to pay proper tribute to the heroes on that flight, the heroes who saved many others with their actions that day.

The Flight 93 Memorial is sad, moving, and incredible. It captures the essence of good, and pays a humble yet powerful tribute.

The memorial is located about two hours drive from Pittsburgh, and three hours from the White House. If you’re ever around this part of the country, the memorial is a must visit. But many folks don’t have an ability to travel that far, and I wanted to share a few pictures of my experience.

I can’t do a justice describing the memorial, so I would rather just share few things that stuck with me:

The entire site is built around the last few seconds of the flight. The black pathway to the visitor center follows the flight route. The aircraft was just 100 ft above ground in that exact spot on that dreadful day.

This view is from a hill in beautiful Somerset County. The overlook. The same view Flight 93’s passengers saw just seconds before perishing. The last thing they ever saw.

Black. Black walkways, black benches. This place was a strip mine many years ago. Black signifies the coal that was mined here.

120/60 angle on everything. Those are the typical angles at which a new tree branch grows. Many trees were destroyed at the impact site, and many new trees were planted around the memorial.

The gate to the impact site only opens for the family of the fallen.


Thank you. Our gratitude to the heroes, and our sorrow to their families and friends.

God bless.


Learn more about the memorial here

Learn more about the passengers and crew here



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Timur Alexander

Timur Alexander

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  1. Joe

    Thank you for posting your pictures. I’m going to start a one to two year post retirement tour of the US in a couple months, this is definitely on my list.

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