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Hill People Gear is well known for their fecund design team and frequently-unconventional gear setups. I’ve been using one of their running rigs for several years now and can’t find anything bad to say about (fits a Glock 19 equipped with a WML with no issues when beating feet on the road? Hell. Yes.) At SHOT Show 2015 yesterday I saw the latest version of their Heavy Recon Kit Bag. It looks like a regular Heavy Recon Kit Bag – except that it’s not. Grunts: Fecund.


Note the First Spear style cutouts on the front so you can add MOLLE or PALS accessories without undue weight or bulk. No, you aren’t going to have a full fighting rig riding on there but it’s certainly useful (one of the Hill brothers detailed that he’s run a set of 7.62N mags there successfully). A horizontal strip of more typical MOLLE runs along the bottom for securing chemlights or tourniquets. Inside the front pocket is another set of First Spear cutouts with two vertical pockets across for holding items like GPSs or cellphones. Oh yeah – those cutouts are on Velcro so you can run any number of compatible holsters or pouches (such as those of Orange Diamond Concealment).




And being a Heavy Recon Kit Bag, there’s another pocket behind that, also covered in Velcro.


If you haven’t tried a Hill People Gear rig yet–I highly encourage you give them a go. You can visit their homepage here or Facebook page here


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