AR Upgrades from Magpul: Making Your Rifle Handier

Magpul ESK Selector - AR upgrades
| January 16, 2023
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Magpul is known for innovative firearm upgrades, some big, some small. These three small but very cool accessories will make your AR-15 just a bit handier and better tuned to your individual needs.

Magpul ESK Selector Switch

Magpul ESK (Enhanced Selector Switch Kit) Components and Colors

The ESK provides maximum versatility for fine-tuning your rifle’s ergonomics.

The Enhanced Selector Kit (ESK) is a modular, ambidextrous switch kit. This AR upgrade set contains three different selector levers of varying lengths, a selector pin, and a reversible corrosion-resistant steel selector axle with 60 and 90-degree options. The selector pin secures the lever to the axle and acts as the position indicator. The pin comes in red or black, and the switch is available in black or flat dark earth.

ESK Selector Switch comes in black or flat dark earth.

The ESK pin comes in black or red and contains three selector levers.

Best of all, swapping the levers without tools is easy. You can even do it in the field if you want. Magpul says the kit’s design, “allows multiple selector variations and easier firing hand selector manipulation to allow a modern manual of arms to be employed.” The ESK also optimizes the ergonomics of your rifle, offering just another way to fine-tune it.

The ESK Selector Switch is designed for Mil-Spec AR pattern lower receivers and is incompatible with select fire receivers.

Magpul WCK – M-LOK

The Wire Control Kit cleans up wires on the exterior of the gun.

The WCK takes up a half slot on your M-LOK handguard, giving you lots of flexibility.

The Wire Control Kit cleans up those wires you may have running from your light or laser switches. This AR upgrade changes the look of your rifle and makes it sleeker and more streamlined. The WCK contains six easily installed M-LOK compatible assemblies. Each one is a half-slot size so you can position them precisely, allowing cables to pass straight through.

Additionally, the WCK assemblies mount at 90 or 180 degrees, and give you the flexibility you need for different accessories and setups. Easily reconfigured as your setup changes, the WCK can be as versatile as you are and comes in black or flat dark earth.

The Wire Control Kit streamlines the look of the gun.

Streamline your rifle by locking down those errant accessory cables.

The WCK is compatible with metal M-LOK handguards and may not fit all polymer handguards. It will also route standard gauge cables.

Magpul Barricade Stop – M-LOK

The Magpul Barricade Stop is available in black and flat dark earth.

The Barricade Stop’s textured steel plate provides a sure purchase on any surface.

The Barricade Stop is a ruggedly built hand stop that allows the shooter to brace their rifle against barricades or improvised shooting rests, providing greater stability and accuracy.  Consisting of a polymer body and corrosion-resistant textured steel plate insert, the Barricade Stop allows solid contact with any shooting rest. The slightly curved steel plate optimizes contact on uneven surfaces and allows you to pivot your rifle while maintaining contact. The plate removes easily and can be replaced as it wears. The Magpul Barricade Stop comes in black or flat dark earth.

The Barricade Stop has a rough exterior and low drag.

The Barricade Stop is low drag but gives better stability on improvised shooting rests.

The Barricade Stop is also compatible with octagonal M-LOK handguards.


  1. Jim D

    Agree with the above comment. It was announced at Shot show and it’s now April…..

  2. WRX222

    How long will we have to wait for them to come thru on this? Like the dust covers and gen3 mbus they said would release one spring ended up being like 2 years later than they said? My prediction,this will be forgotten about by most before its released.


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