Get Jammin’ with Strike Industries’ New Jam Nut

Strike Industries Jam Nut, AR-15 accessory.
| March 26, 2020
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Strike Industries recently announced its new Jam Nut. Once I’m done giggling at the childish jokes going back and forth in my head I’ll tell you what it is. Okay, I’m done. The Jam Nut has a name that inspires stupid jokes, but it seems to be a well thought out AR-15 accessory. The idea behind this little device is that you can replace every crush washer you may one day need with the Jam Nut.

Jam Nut - Strike Industries - AR-15

It threads onto your 1/2×28 threaded barrel first. Then you thread on whatever muzzle device you may be using. It can be a Strike Industries muzzle device or a Lantac, or whatever else you want to toss on there. The idea is very simple, kinda like me. You then thread on the Jam Nut first. Then thread your muzzle device on until it’s as far as it can go while remaining oriented correctly. Then turn the nut until it is up against your muzzle device and then lock it down.

The Jam Nut – Stupid Simple

It’s stupid simple and does allow you to easily attach and detach muzzle devices at a whim. Let’s be real, crush washers have always worked and worked decently well. The Jam Nut does require less work and can be used over and over again. It’s also affordable and you can keep half a dozen in your toolbox for swapping muzzle devices. I tend to swap my devices at random, especially if I’m reviewing something new. The nut makes swapping various muzzle devices easier and less of a pain in the ass.

Jam Nut installation demo - Strike Industries

Personally I hate locking everything down and busting everything off just to thread another device on. Sure, it’s not trigonometry, but it’s a hassle I tend to avoid. The Jam Nut makes life easier, and I can appreciate an easier life.

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