Strike Industries Mini King Comp – A Little Tyrant

| February 4, 2020
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The Strike Industries King Comp has been a proven performer in the AR world and Strike Industries has decided to take the same design and technology and create the Mini King Comp aimed at 5.56 AR-15s. The biggest change is the design moves from a dual-chamber design to a single chamber design. Admittedly size does matter, but when it comes to guns it can easily go both ways.

Mini King Comp - Strike Industries

A big long comp does an excellent job of dispersing recoil, but it’s also big and long. A shorter comp makes a shorter gun. If you have a shorter gun the shorter Mini King Comp makes a lot of sense. The single baffle throws muzzle blast forward and away from the shooter. AR 15s with short barrels tend to have a lot of blast. It’s weird how the little guys always have the hottest air.

The Mini King Comp and You

The Mini King Comp is designed to allow you to have faster follow up shots by reducing recoil and muzzle rise. Compensators are loud, nasty bastards that typically piss off everyone to the left and right of the shooter. the Mini King Comp directs all that nastiness forward and shouldn’t piss off two many of your fellow shooters. This compensator is also compatible with the Oppressor. The Oppressor is a flash can essentially that will reduce the uncomfortable nature of a compensator even more.

Mini King Comp - compensator for AR 15's - Strike Industries

The comp is still outfitted with the aggressive 4 serrated prongs designed for slicing and dicing wire. Personally I ain’t cutting wires with a compensator, but dead checks have a whole new meaning when it’s a pointing serrated prong. It also looks like a crown, get it? It’s the King comp so it needs a crown right? The Strike Industries Mini King Comp is available now so give it a peek.

Strike Industries: Read more about ’em.

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