Lithuanian Guerrilla Warfare Manual – Translated to English

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If you thought American politicians were freaking out about Russian aggression, you haven’t been paying attention to Russia’s neighbors. No doubt some smaller nations in close proximity to the Bear have been watching Crimea with bated breath to see how it all unfolds. No one wants to be Crimea, and they certainly don’t want to be Georgia in 2008 either. Lithuania recently began disseminating a 75-page manual entitled “Ką turime žinoti apie pasipriešinimą: AKTYVIŲ VEIKSMŲ GAIRĖS“, or translated to English: “What We Have [to] Know About Resistance: ACTIVE ACTIONS GUIDELINES”.

Inside you’ll find everything from small arms and armor identification to basic first aid and survival skills.

Some bits about explosive devices:

While looking at the pictures is fine, it’s better to have an English (Engrish?) translation on hand. Here’s the introduction with the best that Google could do for us. Note that they state this is the third manual of this kind.

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Dear citizens of Lithuania,

This is the third publication of civic resistance theme after 2014. Russia launched a military aggression against Ukraine. The first two editions “What do we know about the readiness of emergency and war “, which received a lot of your attention, mainly It was for non­violent civil defense topic and practical advice on the action in emergencies or commencement War. However, these publications did not extend to another extremely important themes ­ as citizens confronted the aggressor in the occupied territory, to actively resist the invasive army or the aggressor main­ the suffering of armed groups. As soon as this is the most important the theme of this publication.

This publication, prepared in cooperation with Lithuania ‘army and at the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union, the first, introductory, in brief Russia presents a potential aggressor, performance against neighbors Nines Member ways. It presented arguments as to what potential cial aggressor actions need to be prepared. Seeing our common efforts of all the recent strengthening of Lithuania, I am confident that we will be able to resist the aggression of the Russian non­military beam instruments. However, we can not exclude that the potential agreso­ Rius, even in spite of NATO’s military power, will not start any kind of military action against our country. So we need to be ready to defend the homeland. It is also a strong deterrent factor.

The second part of the publication provides the participation of the country’s armed defensive techniques. In this section you will find not only tips on how to fight weapon against the aggressor, but also any other active resistance methods to choose from. One of them ­ military equipment and armed TES identification and information about her transfer resistance militants in the occupied territory of the country and the Lithuanian armed forces. These recommendations enliven simple and very revealing Pictures.

The third part is devoted to the theme of survival. It should be noted that this topic this publication is much more developed than in the publications, “What we have accu­ noti of readiness of emergency or war “: We provide lots of tips to help stay okupuoto­ in the country fighting with weapons and other means. I want to note that these tips (eg., for a survival package) is benefit all residents of the country, even in peacetime.

In conclusion, the introductory word, I would urge all to read this release and provide feedback. Only together we can strengthen our country and better prepare for the worst­case scenario ­ a military invasion of our Member BE. However, I believe that our joint efforts as only help deter potential aggression.

Meaningful reading and new ideas!

Minister of National Defence


The entire PDF can be viewed and downloaded here. However, we have also taken the time to have the entire Lithuanian manual translated, albeit imperfectly and without photos (best viewed on a desktop or in landscape mode) which you can see below. While a complete PDF would be best, what we have sure beats copy/pasting every line through Google Translate.

Happy reading.

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