Vertx Gamut EDC Bag / SBR Backpack Review

vertx gamut review
| April 13, 2021
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 We like sneaky stuff. Concealment is a way of life for many of our minions, so we were interested in checking out the Vertx Gamut backpack (particularly after seeing how much versatility they have on the range). Jimmy at F3 Tactical is a big fan, as is Matt Jaques of Victory First. We’ve seen these fine gents and several others draw both handguns and shortened long guns from them, so we wanted to see the secret to the design.

Vertx Gamut backpack EDC bag: an excellent CCW pack

The VERTX Gamut is more than just an excellent EDC bag; it can be anything from a CCW pack to an SBR backpack to an AR pistol backpack.

Vertx Gamut (EDC Bag version) Capacity

As the slightly smaller brother to the EDC Gamut Plus Backpack, the regular Gamut bag is 2 in. shorter and rides a little higher on your back.  This smaller design provides a slightly more compact EDC solution than its bigger brother and does so without compromising much in overall capacity. One of the load-outs tested was a 10 in. AR pistol equipped with a LAW Tactical folding stock adapter.

As pictured, the AR pistol had a snug fit with little room to shift around. This snug fit, in addition to Vertx’s low profile and less overt tactical design, makes the bag a very attractive solution for traveling with a 10 in. AR system.

For those of you with AR-15-based pistols and SBRs, take a moment to silently rejoice—it is possible to find a good SBR backpack!

The Vertx Gamut EDC bag makes an excellent SBR backpack or AR pistol backpack option.

The Vertx Gamut makes an excellent AR pistol or SBR backpack option, particularly if the weapon is a folder.


Vertx Gamut backpack EDC bag with folding AR pistol aboard.

The Vertx Gamut (among other things) is available at Optics Planet.

NOTE: Since this article was originally published, there have been some updates to this already excellent pack. For instance, options that include armor. For instance:

Premier Body Armor “Armored Vertx Gamut 2.0” Bundle

Gamut Pack Compartments

The bag provides a nice amount of compartments and access without being too overloaded with zippers. The top outside admin pouch is the perfect depth to stow small items, and the lateral side pouches provide additional small gear storage, such as water bottles. The main compartment is equipped with a 15” laptop sleeve, three mesh zipper pockets, and Vertex’s convenient pen pockets.

On the downside, the Vertx EDC pocket that works so seamlessly and ergonomically on the EDC Courier and Satchel just does not gel as well with a backpack system. As a result, a user may need to get a little more draw time practice with the Gamut Backpack than they would with a shoulder bag. On the upside, the placement of the EDC pocket could serve as a host for a hard plate, documents, or a good place to hide ID and currency when traveling in crowded areas.  

The Vertx Gamut EDC Bag serves as an SBR Backpack and AR Pistol Backpack

As with all Vertx bags, the interior compartments are lined with hook Velcro to facilitate the mounting and customization of user-specific kits.

Mag pouches? Sure! Cable management bag? Why not? The bottom line is that the EDC Gamut Backpack is a strong system for those looking for a backpack, regardless of the intended use. The straps are simple, and light yet ride well with a moderate load. The backing of the bag is very breathable when it’s warm out, and when pressed against your back, the mesh allows for airflow, which helps limit back sweat.  

Vertx Gamut EDC bag review

Find yourself a Vertx pack of your very own. 

Vertx Gamut EDC bag, SBR backpack

Customizable EDC Bag

For the individual looking for a backpack that is customizable, simple, well-built, and presents a moderate to low profile, the EDC model of Vertx Gamut is a serious contender. The grey color is a move in the right direction, and with no shortage of black tactical bags out there, this bag brings something new to the market. There are many backpacks that try to bridge the covert-tactical gap, but the most consistent problem they run into is either stripping the bag too much and creating an “FDE Jansport” or a neutered assault pack. It seems like the hunt for the perfect bag is subjective, and with so many options out there, it’s six of one, dicks in the other.  

We can’t tell you what the perfect pack is. Our wretched minions argue about it all the time — however, the ones who use this pack really like it, particularly the ones who’ve built a Frankenbag with pieces of gear and attachments from various places.

Oh, and ignore any rumor that one of our guys carried a wood bottlecap dildo home from the NRA show (and through TSA) in one of these without knowing it was in there, courtesy of one of our other guys. That’s bullshit, and it never happened.

Vertx Packs are available at LA Police Gear.

[They’re also available at Sportsman’s Guide]

Looking for a CCW pack that'll handle a compact long gun or SBR? Check out the Gamut or Gamut 2.0.

Looking for a CCW pack that’ll handle a compact long gun or works as an SBR backpack? Check out the Gamut or Gamut 2.0.

Vertx CCW pack: Gamut

What you will get from the Vertx Gamut is a strong, well-designed, intuitive carry system. The rest is what you make it.  

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    I have a AR with a law tactical folding adapter. When folded the height is 21″ what discreet backpack would I need


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