The P365 Grip Module: Versatility at Its Best

May 13, 2024  
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The SIG Sauer P365 has enjoyed a massive level of popularity almost since the day it was launched in 2017. In the following years, the P365 was redesigned and fine-tuned to produce many variants. This includes the SIG P365XL, SIG P365 XMacro, and the SIG P365 AXG-Legion. Whether you want yours with a slightly longer barrel, improved trigger, or different sights, there’s likely a P365 Grip Module for you. It’s a versatile, fantastic carry gun and has rightfully earned its dedicated following. So what if you got yours—or want to get one—and decide you want a different grip module? In fact, what is a grip module? Let’s check out how a grip module works, what types there are, and why it’s so specific to SIG.

What are Grip Modules?

It’s not entirely wrong to say all semi-auto handguns have a grip module, but it also isn’t precisely true. On most handguns, the frame—the part SIG calls the grip module—has the serial number on it. That means you can’t just be swapping out frames from a legal standpoint. However, on an SIG gun, the serial number is on the FCU (fire control unit) inside the grip module. The FCU is basically the heart of the weapon because you’re not shooting at all without it. With a SIG, the FCU can be swapped to a different grip module while keeping the serial number intact.

The Sig Sauer FCU
Here’s an example of a Sig Sauer FCU. Photo Credit: Sig Sauer

Grip modules are really SIG-specific due to that serial number placement. At their simplest, they’re polymer or alloy parts that are “hollow” inside to hold parts like the FCU, spring(s), and barrel. Those parts are held in the uppermost part of the module, the longer, lengthwise/horizontal section that reaches toward the target when the gun is being aimed. The grip portion extends downward so you can hold the gun properly. SIG manufactures grip modules in different sizes and styles, allowing SIG owners to customize their guns. Fit matters, and SIG understands that. With the proper fit, you can shoot more comfortably for more extended periods and get far better accuracy on target.

Finding Your Proper Fit

Sharps Bros SIG Sauer P365 X Macro Gen 2

Sharps Bros SIG Sauer P365 X Macro Gen 2
The Sharps Bros SIG Sauer P365 X Macro Gen 2. Photo Credit: Sharps Bros.

It isn’t only SIG that makes grip modules for their guns. Sharp Bros is well-known for their aftermarket parts, and they produce the P365 X Macro Gen 2 with Manual Safety as a grip module that works with P365 X Macros that have manual safeties. Remember that not all P365s have an external (manual) safety, which means you have to pay attention to the grip module you choose.

Sharps Bros SIG Sauer P365 X Macro Gen 2
Photo Credit: Sharps Bros.

This Sharps Bros grip module is black anodized with cherry grips, giving it a unique aesthetic compared to the usual flat black of this product. It offers features like an enhanced trigger guard, a Picatinny rail for lights and lasers, and a flared magazine. The grip is also a bit wider, which is nice for shooters with bigger hands. Sharps Bros has it listed as a direct replacement for the OEM standard P365 X Macro grip module.  MSRP $305.85

Mischief Machine Commander SIG Sauer P365 Grip Module

If you’d like to stick with the traditional black but want a new feel for your P365, there’s the Mischief Machine Commander SIG Sauer P365 Grip Module. This product is made to improve fit into larger hands—because the P365 really is a small gun—and has many reinforced parts. The recoil lug is 4140 steel with a QPQ Black Melonite coating, and the recoil lug screws are alloy steel. Grip panels are made using G10 material, which is rugged and durable, and they have a Picatinny rail for aftermarket accessories (think of the usual lights and lasers or a combo of both).

Mischief Machine Commander SIG Sauer P365 Grip Module
The Mischief Machine Commander Sig Sauer P365 Grip Module. Photo Credit: Sig Sauer

Although this specific model is made for the P365 that doesn’t have an external safety, there are also Mischief Machine designs that are compatible with a safety. Always read the details on a grip module to ensure it’s right for your gun. While this is a black grip module, Mischief Machine offers them in many other colors like OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, and Midnight Bronze. MSRP $395.00

SIG Sauer P365X and P35XL Standard Grip Module—Black 

You can also get grip modules directly from SIG. Many owners of the original P365 favor the SIG Sauer P365X and P365XL Standard Grip Module because it gives them a larger grip surface. Yes, it fits on the original P365 and offers a slightly bigger frame size. That’s a huge bonus, even if your hands are average size because the original frame is on the smaller side. 

Sig Sauer Standard P365 Grip Module
The Sig Sauer Standard P365 Grip Module. Photo Credit: Sig Sauer

This grip module is made for models without external safety. SIG lists it as being compatible with flush-fit 12-round or 15-round extended magazines. That’s important to note if you live in a restricted state that doesn’t allow more than 10-rounds. It also works with 9mm or 380 ACP guns (remember to pay attention to caliber). This is a standard factory grip module and doesn’t have an accessory rail. The side of the grip has the standard SIG texturing that works well to help you maintain a firm hold during live fire. And, of course, it has the SIG logo on it. MSRP $89.99

Wilson Combat Grip Module, WCP365

Want a custom-quality grip module without a massive price tag? Check out the Wilson Combat Grip Module, WCP365. This grip module’s overall size maintains the general dimensions of the P365 but offers features you just don’t get with the factory model. The module is designed to provide a more ergonomic feel that not only feels better but also provides better control (and that means better hits on target). 

Wilson Combat P365 Grip Module, WCP365
The Wilson Combat P365 Grip Module, WCP365. Photo Credit: Wilson Combat

The WCP365 has Wilson Combat’s signature starburst design on the grip, which isn’t just an aesthetic thing; it provides additional traction during live fire. This specific grip module is available for P365s with and without an external grip safety, so make sure you select the correct option when you order. 

The Wilson Combat P365 Grip Module, WCP365.
The Wilson Combat P365 Grip Module, WCP365. Photo Credit: Wilson Combat P365

It’s offered in black, gray, green, and tan. The grip is two inches front to back. Wilson Combat also made this module with internal slots for rod-style Tungsten weights. It is made from polymer, so it’s lightweight. Please note that the Wilson Combat modules aren’t compatible with the California-compliant variants of the P365 line. MSRP starts at $64.95

Icarus Precision AIR Polymer X Macro Grip Module

Although Icarus Precision is known for its billet products, the AIR Polymer X Macro Grip Module is made from polymer. That makes it lighter weight than metal options and also resistant to use-related wear. This grip module is offered only in black reinforced polymer and for the pistol without an external safety (although the company says they’ll have a safety-compatible model coming out fairly soon). The module has a thumb ledge designed to improve control during live fire, and it comes as a right- or left-handed ledge—as well as with no ledge at all. 

Icarus Precision AIR Polymer X Macro Grip Module
The Icarus Precision AIR Polymer X Macro Grip Module. Photo Credit: Icarus Precision

Features of this grip module include a flared magazine well to make mag changes smoother and faster, an accessory rail in front of the trigger guard, and a greater overall contact surface for a sure grip while firing. The grip is aggressively textured on all sides, making it easier to hang onto even if your hands get wet or sweaty. The trigger guard is also double undercut, which is meant to make it simpler to get a solid grip.  MSRP $129.99

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a Grip Module the same as a Frame?

The grip module is and is not the same as a frame. The major difference is that on most handguns, the serial number is often on that part. However, on a SIG with a grip module, the serial number is on the FCU (fire control unit), not the frame. That means the FCU can be swapped between grip modules and take its serial number with it.

Are SIG P365 Grip Modules Serialized?

No, SIG P365 grip modules don’t have serial numbers. This is one of the reasons why it’s legal to switch grip modules according to personal preference.

What is a Fire Control Unit/FCU?

The Fire Control Unit includes the trigger, sear, and controls like the slide lock and external safety (if the gun has an external safety). It’s also the part on the SIG P365 that has the serial number on it. It’s located inside the grip module, so you can move the FCU from one grip to another.

Can you put a P365XL Grip Module on a P365?

Yes, you can put a P365XL grip module on a P365. This would give you a larger gripping surface and overall size than leaving the original P365 in place.

What is the difference between a P365 and a P365X Grip?

The P365X has a longer length grip than the P365. That reduces issues like dangling fingers and makes it easier to grip during live fire.

What Grip Module fits the SIG M17? 

Although it isn’t a P365, the SIG M17 is another popular model that the manufacturer can use to change the grip module. The M17 is compatible with the P320 grip module, meaning there are tons of options on the market.

Grip Modules for Sale

Lookin’ for your own? Here ya go!

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