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Proven Arms & Outfitters (@provenarmsandoutfitters) is Quantico Tactical‘s brick-and-mortar retail counterpart. PAO was established by Quantico Tactical Founder and CEO David Hensley (Maj, USMC, Ret.) to “better serve customers outside the DoD, First Responder, and government communities.”

Proven Arms & Outfitters sells firearms, tactical gear, duty gear, and other things online + brick & mortar stores.

There are a couple of locations you can visit, on in Washington and one in Virginia. If you’re near JBLM or Kitsap, hit their Tacoma location. If you’re in the area of MCB Quantico, Indian Head, Ft. Belvoir, Ft. AP Hill, then drop by the Woodbridge/Potomac Mills location.

Here’s some of what you can expect to see in northern Virginia.

Proven Arms & Outfitters in Virginia is 1 block north of Potomac Mills Mall.

Looking for a guns tore in Virginia? Check out Prove Outfiters - one of their brick & mortar stores is right next to Petsmart in Woodbridge.

Prove Arms is very close to Quantico, VA, and offers special military and first responder pricing on many guns.

Here’s some of what you’ll see in Washington.

The Proven Arms gun store in Tacoma is one block south of Tacoma Mall and carries a huge selection of firearms and tactical gear.

If you need a gun store in the Seattle area check out Proven Arms & Oufitters Tacoma - in Evergreen Plaza.

The best tactical gear available can be purchased at Proven Arms & Outfitters in Tacoma, WA; it's a gun store too.

Proven Arms & Outfitters assures exceptional customer service, advising, as always, their customers can “COUNT ON MORE.”

Train on a budget with focused low round count range exercises

Train on a budget with focused low round count range exercises

All you need to keep your skills intact is about fifteen minutes and fifty rounds a week. This is the exact program I used when I was working patrol and then assigned to a specialized unit where my range time was limited. Now look, this isn’t going to get you better. It’s a pure sustainment program and is what I consider the bare minimum for anyone who carries a pistol professionally. If you added a couple of five-minute dry practice sessions per week, you’d be way ahead of the game, but hey…let’s not get all crazy here.

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Type 97 Anti-Tank Rifle | WCW

The Japanese Type 97 Anti-Tank Rifle would have really sucked to hump this through the jungle. Its development was understandable, if myopic, and the felt recoil (which would beat the living shit out of you) made it about as fun to shoot as a sawed-off punt gun. But...

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