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A gunleather threesome: 3 craftsmen who hand-make custom leather holsters.
| October 4, 2018
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Good guns, especially the treasured ones, deserve good quality custom holsters. Some deserve something that’s handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Thankfully there are many skilled artisans capable of building bespoke holsters of all kinds — appendix carry holsters (AIWB), concealed carry holsters (CCW), IWB and OWB (Inside the Waist Band and Outside the Waistband), even gorgeous Western holsters for sixgun loves and CAS/SASS shooters. Here are 3 such craftsmen.

1. Bitter Root Gunleather; Victor, MT.

A custom AIWB Holster to carry a snub revolver appendix style concealed carry, handmade by Bitter Root Gunleather.

All black custom River Access style holster for Appendix Carry (AIWB); “roughed-out main, smooth RP and belt loops, hand tooled with a bordered basket weave pattern. This one was built for a J Frame snubby owner in Texas.

A custom AIWB Holster for CZ 2075 RAMI, for concealed carry appendix style, handmade by Bitter Root Gunleather.

A custom River Access AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waist Band) holster in “pooled sequoia” (the color pattern), with white thread. This one’s for a CZ 2075 RAMI.

Concealed Carry IWB (Inside the Waist Band) lightbearing holster for SIG SAUER P320 with WML attached; by Bitter Root Gunleather.

This Black Panther adorned Summer Sunset style concealed carry IWB light-bearing holster is for a full-sized SIG SAUER P320 with  Romeo optic and WML (Surefire X300 in this case) attached. The superhero’s face is hand-tooled and handpainted onto the nerve pad there at the bottom. It also features orange thread for MS awareness.

Bitter Root Gunleather: bitterrootgunleather.com, @bitterroot_gunleather.

2. Just In Case Holsters; Waddell, AZ

IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband) modeled by @cctactics; Concealed Carry Holsters - Gunleather Threesome article - Justincase Holsters

Just In Case holsters Concealed Carry IWB (right hand) custom leather rig carried by @cctactics.

CCW holster for S&W 686 six shooter in .357 magnum - from the Breach-Bang-Clear Gunleather Threesome article - Just In Case Holsters

A custom revolver holster with matching speedloader carriers for an S & W Model 686 six-shooter in .357 Magnum. The combination features a (faded) airbrush stain and Ostrich leg overlaid on the holster.

Classic CCW holster (or possibly open carry holster) for 3 in. 1911 semi-auto, by Just In Case Holsters - from the Breach-Bang-Clear Gunleather Threesome article.

Custom classic for a 3 in. 1911 semi-auto destined for someone going heeled in Texas. Obviously an OWB holster, could be for either concealed carry or open carry.

Just In Case Holsters [Vetrepreneur]: justnincaseholsters.com, @justincaseholsters.

3. Circle KB Holsters; Corvallis, MT.

Tumalo Kid style custom leather revolver holster for SASS shooters or old school sixgun open carry by Circle KB Holsters - from the Breach Bang Clear "Gunleather Threesome" article.

Tumalo Kid style custom leather revolver holster in hand-dyed black. This SASS-suitable (or old school sixgun open carry suitable) holster is on a 3.5 in. wide Buscadero belt that has been hand-laced for your bullets. “We don’t sew loops. We do them old-school…punch the slots and wet weave snug and dry. [It] takes more time but is fail-proof and authentic to the period.

A1 Quickdraw style custom leather revolver holster for SASS shooters or old school sixgun open carry by Circle KB Holsters - from the Breach Bang Clear "Gunleather Threesome" article.

Circle KB A1 Quickdraw style gunleather (also for SASS shooters or “old school sixgun”open carry). This has been hand-tooled, finished in hand-dyed mahogany, then set with Buckaroo Silver Berry Conchos.

A1 Quickdraw style custom leather revolver holster for SASS shooters or old school sixgun two-gun carry by Circle KB Holsters - from the Breach Bang Clear "Gunleather Threesome" article.

“I got two guns, one for each of ya.” A1 Quickdraw Classic, unlined, made with a single layer of leather. Even more suitable for CAS (Cowboy Action Shooting) and SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) shooting, since there’s likely not much demand for dual-wielding revolver open carry these days.

Circle KB Holsters: circlekb.com, @circlekbholsters.

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    My sister’s new hobby is target shooting and my dad gave him a custom gun, so, my mom is planning to give him a custom gun leather for her birthday. It was mentioned here that there are professionals who are able to make custom holder depending on the holster. Furthermore, it’s recommended to consult experts when considering using custom gun leather.


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