Rampant Stupidity or Tactical Trolling? Probably Both.

Best trolling post ever.
| February 29, 2016
Categories: Op-Eds

You may recall our antecedent post in this category, Rampant Stupidity or Tactical Trolling, about all of the amazing things you can get on Amazon. Then, our honorable mention. Well, you’re really gonna like this one.

Big Daddy Unlimited - Guns and Gear at Dealer Prices

It sounds bad, we know, but check it out anyway. Would we steer you wrong?

Best Troll Post Evar? Or Astonishing Window-lickery?

This one, however, initially appears to be trolling. No one would actually be dumb enough to shoot that thing. Because well, we understand people can be stupid. But are they really that stupid?

Yes. Yes, they are.

At this point, we think it’s both rampant stupidity and tactical trolling, and we’re at a loss for words. We’ll let them do the talking for us. Just remember to never bet against humanity when it comes to the stupidity of man. Pro-tip: DON’T DO THIS SHIT. Reposted from an IMGUR account.

This is the Hi-Point JHP Block II. It has become a project of mine and a friend (the owner of this beautiful piece of American engineering). This is the product of our dreams, as both of us have thought of doing this for the longest time.

It began life as a Hi-Point JHP, but we firmly believe in improving stock products, so enter the Hi-Point Customs Hi-Point JHP Block I. The Block I featured ghost ring sights, a high speed 2.5lb match trigger, a custom stippled handjob, a custom finish, and we modified 1911 magazines to function in this fine handgun (which funny enough, has been exceedingly more reliable than the stock magazine).

Unsatisfied, we moved on to create the Block II, which involved a hand fit tactical barrel extension and a single chamber muzzle brake (dubbed T-Brake).

To couple with these upgrades, we have also tortured it, and it refuses to stop, much like George Zimmerman and Donald Trump. This gun cannot be flimflammed or stumped. From washing machines to throwing contests in mud, firing .38 spl, firing ammunition that fails to headspace, and only having been cleaned in said washing machine, this gun will not stop working.

We have also developed custom ammunition, specifically designed for lethal kinetic deployment, as well as shrouding yourself for concealment and tactical surprise. Other than that, we have also pioneered custom ammunition we call the 16″ Mk.7. This proprietary blended ammunition features compressed smokeless powder that is accelerated by not just the primer, but by a small charge of blackpowder as well (much like the 16″ Mk.7 loads seen on battleships).

Disclaimer: this is not the pistol used in Hiero’s Journey. Nor is it a weird sex toy.


[Mad Duo Note: Somehow a Fobus holster seems appropriate here]





“In initial testing of the JHP Block II, the barrel extension and T-Brake flew off, but fear not, for we rectified it rapidly with custom hand fitting at the range. We went the rest of the day without flaw.”


And then, of course, their kitchen table “lethal kinetic element” ammunition:



And what does .38spl look like when you fire it in something that it isn’t supposed to fire in? Can you say… just WTF.


The only way this is Swinging Dick Approved is if in two days we find out that this was just a giant troll job and everything is CGI. Until then, just stop. STOP.

No, seriously, we want you to check this out.

Big Daddy Unlimited - Guns and Gear at Dealer Prices

It sounds bad, we know, but check it out anyway. Would we steer you wrong?

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  1. PapaMAS

    I don’t know what y’all are fussin’ about. It’s a CUSTOM job, done by folks who obviously know “cool” stuff when they see it. Now! Hold my beer and watch this! [/sarc]


    FFS. There are some people out there that need shooting. Normally, rapists, child molesters, murderers, jihadis etc. In this case, it’s just people so damn dumb that that they represent a threat to the community and to the reputation of every decent man who owns a gun.

    I live in Australia, and it took me nearly a year to get my handgun license. We have the internet here funnily enough, so people here see shit like this and equate me with these lunatics and want to take my guns away.

    Goddammit, this pisses me right off, like the open carriers and the assclowns on youtube who video their 100 pound girlfriends shooting a Desert Eagle in .50 AE and breaking her head open.

  3. Wilson

    Looks quality and seems legit. I’ll take two!

  4. Donald Howard

    Let me see if I’m seeing this correctly, they extend the length of the barrel using a copper tube and use 38Spl ammunition reloading the shells with a load that the shell was not designed for, being fired in a weapon that was not chambered for the 38 .Finally these idiot rounds are being fired even though they are not being seated properly in the breach, is that right?. This is a Darwin moment needing, no, correction screaming to happen. I know the good Lord protects children, drunks and damned fools, but I wasn’t aware he had added ass hats to his list.

  5. Johnny Black

    ‘There is no way in fuck these guys are serious’ i thought. Then, i saw the mustache.

  6. 2hotel9

    Wow. Just, wow.


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