Rampant Stupidity or Tactical Trolling? Both. [NNSFW]

| December 2, 2016
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Rampant Stupidity or Tactical Trolling? Both. [NNSFW]

This is our third edition of this series, and for some reason they all have to do with muzzle devices. First we have the quad railed device followed up with some innovative Hi-Point devices. But we have to admit, this is the first time we’ve seen something like this.

We give you: The Dick Device


Per the eBay description (we’re shocked that anyone is allowed to sell a gun-related item on eBay):

We might not need an extension of our ego – we might not even need a AR, but we only live once and we love toys and LOVE BRAGGING RIGHTS!! This is a one of a kind 3D CNC Machined on a 5 axis CNC Machining center. 6061T6 Aluminum, it comes with two different thickness crusher washers so you can easily position it in a “heads up” position.

And anodized Gold!

This is not a casting from Hong Cong! It took 36,000 lines of CNC code to mill it! 36,000 individual moves of a CNC machine. 2 and a half hours of multi axis CNC machining center work plus second operations to drill and thread the 1/2-28.

This item is of unknown origin. The seller makes no claims in regard to guarantee, usability, safety, legality or anything else. The buyer accepts full responsibility for the item(s) purchased. The item is described as best we can. A qualified Gunsmith should evaluate any gun or gun part before using it. By buying you agree to assume all liability and responsibility for this item.



We do find it peculiar that the seller knew so much detail about the actual construction, only to later state that it was from “unknown origin”. It’s not from “Hong Cong” (not sure if that’s supposed to be a location or a giant ape). No matter how you cut it, aluminum is rather dismal material for constructing muzzle devices on rifles. Maybe next time roll it out of steel?

Do You Even Liberty 4

Does it work? Let’s see:


Certainly not at hiding flash…

Better questions include: What does the suppressor attachment look like? Will there be a condom shaped blast shield for this item in the future?

Before you break out your wallets and checkbooks, you should know that this item has already been sold–maybe we’ll see it pop up some place…..

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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  1. Tennessee Budd

    Hong Cong? Oh, yeah, the famous Vietnamese leader, for whom the Viet Cong were named.

    Fucking dolt.


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